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Miscellanea Audio

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Rolls pi 9

Strumento Audio ROLLS PI 9,Phono Patch II, For Telephone line signals, Standard RJ11 socket, 2 RCA+ 1 x 6,3mm Jack output, Groundlift
92,00 €


Nti System Custodia

Strumento Audio NTI System Custodia per AL1/ML1 MR1 etc
109,30 €


Nti Xl2 System Custodia

Strumento Audio NTI XL2 System Custodia per AL1/ML1 MR1 etc
101,00 €


Rolls he 18

Strumento Audio ROLLS HE 18, Buzz Off, Signal Balancing unit, Jack and RCA Stereo Inputs and Outputs, Eliminiates Buzzes and earth loops
113,90 €


Nti Audio Mr-pro 70v/100v Schutzadapter

127,70 €


la Audio Dbt plus

Strumento Audio LA Audio DBT Plus - dual 600ohm transformer balancing interface.
131,80 €


Fischer Amps plp

Strumento Audio FISCHER AMPS PLP, loudspeaker testing set, the optimal aid for the tone technician, fast testing loudspeaker systems without additional equipment, 1W...
145,20 €


Rolls mo 2020

Strumento Audio ROLLS MO 2020, Testsignalgenerator, 6,3mm Jack Output for Testsignal, Sinus and Square wave Signals , 10-dB-Pad for calibration, Linear 20 - 20 000 Hz
151,40 €


Sound Tools NL4 Sniffer/Sender

Sound Tools NL4 Sniffer/Sender, speakon cable tester with separate transmitter / receiver to check speakon connections with long distances, LED...
161,70 €


Nti Audio Akkuricarica f. xl2

Strumento Audio NTI AUDIO Akkuladegerät f. XL2, accu charger for fast recharging of the Li-Po Accu, incl. 1 spare accu
239,00 €


Rcf im 2220

Strumento Audio RCF IM 2220, tragbares Impedanzmessgerät für hochohmige Lautsprecherlinien, der Messbereich lässt sich in 3 Bereiche (20, 200 und 2.000 Ohm)...
302,80 €


Phonic paa3

Strumento Audio Phonic PAA3 - personal audio assistant 3 with 31 band specrum analyser, sound level metri, line level metro (dBu, dBV, Volt), phase checker,...
306,90 €


Nti mr 2 Minirator

Strumento Audio NTI MR 2 MINIRATOR, professionale analoge audio signal generator with sine, square, pink noise, bianco noise, graphicable display with backlighte,...
380,10 €


Galaxy Audio CM-C200

Galaxy Audio CM-C200, CHECKMATE Calibrator, Conforms to ANSI S1.40-1984 and IEC 942-1988, Class 2, Weight 200 g including battery, calibration level...
364,60 €


Whirlwind Cab Driver

Whirlwind Cab Driver, test device for checking the operation of the speaker components within enclosures. A pink noise signal source is sent through...
429,80 €


Nti Mini Link Usb Interface

Strumento Audio NTI Mini Link USB Interface for ML1, incl Software and USB-cable
457,30 €


Nti mr Pro Minirator

Strumento Audio NTI MR Pro Minirator - professionale analogue audio signal generator. Sine, pink noise, bianco noise, delay test signal, wave files, 32MB flash...
561,40 €


Nti Mini Spl Con Zertifikat

Strumento Audio NTI Mini SPL with certificate, Measuermentmicro for ML1, calibrated, Omni, battery powerd, 1/2"
457,30 €


Nti Ml1 Minilyzer

Strumento Audio NTI ML 1 Minilyzer,. Professional Audio Analyzer mit Pegelmessung, Scope uvm.
730,30 €


Nti xl 2 Stipa Option

Strumento Audio NTI XL 2 STIPA Option, function measures the speech intelligibility of public announcement systems per XL 2 in the new Standards IEC60268-16:2003 and...
1.201,00 €


Nti Al1 Acoustilyzer

Strumento Audio NTI AL1 Acoustilyzer - the perfect all-in-one tool for sound engineers, installers and multimedia specialists. Sound Pressure Level: Leq, short-time...
1.158,80 €


Nti xl 2

Strumento Audio NTI XL 2, Audio- and Acoustic-Analyzer for Precise control over Audio levels,WAV-File recording to register values of Signals on to Mini-SD Card (2GB...
1.373,00 €


Nti dr 2 Digirator

Strumento Audio NTI DR2 Digirator - digital audio signal generator with surround test sequence for Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby E, Pro-Logic II, DTS and...
1.802,50 €


Nti xl 2 M4260 set

Strumento Audio NTI XL 2 M4260 SET, Audio- and Acoustic-Analyzer for Precise control over Audio levels,WAV-File recording to register values of Signals on to Mini-SD...
1.905,50 €


Nti Dl1 Digilyzer

Strumento Audio NTI DL1 Digilyzer It handles virtually all digital audio formats including ADAT and sampling frequencies up to 96 kHz. The simple and intuitive...
1.830,30 €