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Samson S-mix

SAMSON S-MIX Samson S-mix, a miniature 5-channel mixer packed con high-end features, 5-channel mini mixer, XLR balanced microfono input con volume...
44,80 €


Art Macro mix

ART Macro MIX, 4-Channel Personal Mixer, Signal To Noise Ratio :
55,90 €


Art Powermix iii

ART Powermix III - compact 3-channel mixer, accepts either mono or stereo signals and mixes them down to stereo or identical L/R mono signals,...
90,80 €


Behringer Ultrazone Zmx 8210

BEHRINGER ULTRAZONE ZMX 8210 mixer professionale con 8 canali e 3-Bus Mic/Line con telecomando pensato per le installazioni fisse, montabile in un...
167,10 €


Art Mx225 Distribution Mixer

MX225 - 5-zone distribution mixer designed to remotely adjust the volume of multiple amplifiers or powered speakers, either individually or in...
188,60 €


Omnitronic Mzd 88

Omnitronic MZD 88, Matrixmixer, 8 Channel Matrix-Mixer, seperate vol and pan controls for each channel, XLR In and Outputs, Frequency range 20-20.000...
201,10 €


Samson S-zone

Samson S-Zone - control up to four zones of audio with a compact, single-rack space unit. 4x channel/4x zone stereo mixer, 2x mic/stereo line inputs...
267,50 €


Apart pm 7400 ii

APART PM 7400 II Preamp, 2 zones, Inputs: Line 1 Stereo XLR, Line stereo 2-6 RCA, mic1+2 XLR + phantom+limiter, outputs zone 1 2x RCA, zone 2 2 x XLR...
313,50 €


Rcf pr 4092

RCF PR 4092, 9 IN, 2 OUT Vorverstärker, Vorverstärker / Mixer mit 9 Eingängen und 2 Ausgängen, 9 symmetrische XLR Eingänge, 24V Phantomspeisung und...
400,70 €


Rcs Ma-1410 Mixer Preamplificatore

RCS MA-1410 1HE. The MA-1410 is a professional 10-channel mixer preamplifier for general sound reinforcement applications. It has 10 audio inputs...
482,00 €


Apart pm 1122

APART PM 1122,Multifunctional Pre amp, 5 Mic/Line inputs, tone-gain and level per channel48v Phantom power, 2 Outputs over 2 different zones, Cinch...
482,70 €


Sonifex Redbox Rb-pmx4

Sonifex Redbox RB-PMX4, high performance 10 mono input to 4 mono output preset mixer. Each of the four outputs has a 10 way DIP switch associated...
632,00 €


Apart Zone 4

APART Zone 4, 4-Zonen Pre Amp, Input 3x Mic (2+3 with Phantompower), 4x Line, There is a versatile and affordable remote control for this unit....
715,50 €


Allen&heath gr05

Allen & Heath GR05 - 5-in/4-out matrix mixer with 2x mic inputs and 3x stereo RCA inputs, -30dB pad, 15V phantom power, parametric HMF, 70Hz LF shelf...
743,60 €


Rcs Vla 240 c

RCS VLA 240 C - 240W mixer amp with 100V output (switchable), 3x mic/line and 2x line inputs, 5x zones, integrated chime and siren, slot for...
990,00 €


Yamaha Icp 1

Yamaha ICP 1, remote control fpr DME engines, vai TCP-IP, LCD Display, 10 switches 1 knob
993,10 €


Dbx Zone Pro 1261

DBX ZONE PRO 1261 Gerät like 1260 but without display and operation unit . 12 inputs (balanced microphone/ Line , unbalanced line and digital SPDIF)...
1.482,30 €


Dbx Zone Pro 1260

DBX ZONE PRO 1260 Gerät like 1261 but with display and operation unit . 12 inputs (balanced microphone/ Line , unbalanced line and digital SPDIF) and...
1.599,30 €


Shure Scm 810 e

Shure SCM 810 E Professional Automation Mixer - 8/1ch, 19"/1U, link in/out (max 50 SCM linkable), 48V phantom power, sum limiter, aux in, phones out,...
1.664,80 €


Dbx Zone Pro 1260 m

DBX Zone Pro 1260 M - similar to the 1261 but with display and operation unit. Features 12x inputs (6x balanced microphone/ line, unbalanced line and...
1.683,50 €


Allen&heath idr4

ALLEN & HEATH IDA4, Digital Installation Mixer 19" 1U, 6 In 6 Out, incl. Software and RS232
2.392,50 €


Yamaha Dme 24n

Yamaha DME 24 N Digital Mixing Engine. 24 to 24 universal audio-matrix-mixer. The backplane of theDME24N has 8 analogue input- and...
4.661,40 €


Yamaha Dme 64n

Yamaha DME 64N, digitaler mixingengine, 4xMY-Card Slot, max 64 I/O, incl. DME Designersoftware
8.053,90 €