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Aer Colourizer Pocket tool

Studio Preamplificatore AER Colourizer Pocket Tool, two channel preamp for microphone or line level signals, tone balance (adjust frequencies with the range leveller),...
457,30 €


Ams Neve 1073 Dpa Preamp Stereo

Studio Preamplificatore AMS Neve 1073 DPA - two legendary 1073 microfono pre-amps in a convenient 1U rackmount design, hand-crafted and hand-wired by Neve in Burnley, UK....
2.471,00 €


Ams Neve 1073 Dpd Preamp Stereo

Studio Preamplificatore AMS Neve 1073 DPD, two legendary 1073 microfono preamps in a convenient 1U rackmount design, superior Neve-designed analogue-to-digital 24-bit...
2.780,00 €


Ams Neve 1073lb Preampmodule 500er api

Studio Preamplificatore AMS Neve 1073LB, classic transformer microphone preamp amp (Class A design), Neve designed hand-wound transformers, both Mic and Line inputs are...
987,80 €


Ams Neve 4081 Quad Mic Preamp

Studio Preamplificatore AMS Neve 4081, Legendary Neve microfono preamp design, four genuine 1081 Mic preamp channels in a single 9.5" wide unit, two units can be fastened...
3.318,70 €


AMS Neve 88RLB Preampmodule 500er API

AMS Neve 88RLB, Mikrophone Preamp for APIs 500-Series Racks, based on the legendary 88RS Desks, switchable phantom power (+48 Volt), Gain-control...
823,00 €


Antelope MP32

Antelope MP32, 32-channel console-grade mic pre @ line dual stage amplifier input, channel 1-4 mic pre and @line hiz dual stage amplifier input,...
3.089,00 €


Aphex Channel

Aphex Channel, 19" 1U channelstrip includes tubepreamp, Compressor, gate, split band de-esser, aural exciter, parametric eq, Big Bottom - circuir, +4...
1.029,00 €


Api Audio 512c Mic pre

Studio Preamplificatore API 512C, Mic Preamp with 65 dB of gain, Front and Back Panel Mic Input Access, Line/Instrument Preamp with 50 dB of gain, Front and Back Panel...
1.144,30 €


Api Audio A2d Dual 312 Preamp Mit ad

Studio Preamplificatore API A2D Dual 312 Mic Preamps with Digital Output, a pair of signature 312 mic preamps, API 2520 op amps, 20 Segment LED metering on both Analog and...
2.780,00 €


Api Audio The Channel Strip

Studio Preamplificatore API Audio The Channelstrip The Channel Strip is made up of a 512c mic pre, our famous 550A EQ, the 527 Compressor and the 325 Line Driver, combining...
3.388,70 €


Art Deejaypre ii

Studio Preamplificatore ART DeeJayPRE II - il deejay pre II lavora come un interfaccia tra il vostro giradischi e il vostro registratore audio/o play back. con art dj pre θ...
66,70 €


ART Pro Channel ii

ART Pro Channel II, discrete Class-A Tube microphone preamp, Optical Compressor with separate Attack and Release controls, Auto/Manual Attack/Release...
486,20 €


Art Pro Dmpa ii

Studio Preamplificatore ART Pro DMPA 2-Channel Mic Preamp with A/D Converter, ADAT I/O, S/PDIF- and AES/EBU Out, Word Clock, 44.1 kHz - 192 kHz, Level Control for Analog-...
654,10 €


Art Pro Mpa ii

Studio Preamplificatore ART Pro MPA 2-Channel Mic Preamp Discrete Class-A, 19" / 2 RU, Variable Input Impedance For Flexible Microphone Voicing (150 Ohms To 2400 Ohms),...
483,10 €


Art Tps ii

Studio Preamplificatore ART Tube Pre-Amplifier System II - 2-channel tube pre-amp with built-in limiter, 12AX7A tube, EQ & limiter presets, frequency response: 5Hz-150kHz,...
264,70 €


Art Tube mp Project Series

Studio Preamplificatore ART Tube MP project series, 70dB gain, fast FET Limiter to Prevent Overload, selectable Input Impedance, LED Metering, +48V Phantom Power, XLR and...
108,10 €


Art Tube mp Project Series usb

Studio Preamplificatore ART Tube MP project series USB, 70dB gain, veloce FET Limiter per impedire il sovraccarico, impedenza di ingresso selezionabile, Metering LED, +48 V...
128,80 €


Art Tube mp Studio v3 Preamplificatore

Studio Preamplificatore ART Tube MP Studio V3 preamplificatore Preamp per microfono - limiter, alimentatore phantom 48V, phase reverse, OPL (limitatore di output), XLR &...
112,70 €



ART Tube MP/C, Preamp/Compressor/Limiter/Di-Box, Tube-based mic/line preamplifier with up to 80 dB of gain, 12AX7a tube Hand-selected, optical...
142,10 €


Art Tubeopto 8

Studio Preamplificatore ART TubeOpto 8, Eight Channel input / output expander for any ADAT lit-pipe equipped audio interface, Eight Fully Featured Class-A Tube Mic Preamps,...
709,70 €


Art Usb Dual pre

Studio Preamplificatore ART USB USB Dual Pre, 2 Channel Mic-Preamp with USB Connection, 2 XLR/Klinke Combi Inputs, 48V Phantom Power, Stereo TRS Monitor- and Headphone-Out,...
5.149,00 €


Art Valvola mp Preamplificatore

Studio Preamplificatore ART TUBE MP Preamplificatore per microfoni e strumenti. Monta valvole 12AX7A selezionate, fornisce 70dB di gain. Ottima qualitΰ di suono, controlli...
61,30 €


Art Voice Channel

Studio Preamplificatore ART Voice Channel, Tube Channel Strip, Class A Tube Preamp, Compressor / Expander / De-Esser / Gate, 4band semi parametric EQ with Cut/Boost pre or...
592,30 €


Audient ASP 880

Audient ASP 880, 8-channel mic preamp, 2x Hi-Z Class-A Instrument Inputs, 8 x Insert points, variable input impedance and High pass Filters, phase...
1.029,00 €