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Summit Audio 2ba-221

Studio Preamplificatore Summit Audio 2BA-221 - tube preamp for mic, line or strumenti (Hi-Z), variable mic impedance (100ohm-10kohm), variable HP filter, switchable phantom...
864,20 €


Universal Audio 710 Twin-finity Preamplificatore

Studio Preamplificatore UNIVERSAL AUDIO 710 TWIN-FINITY PREAMPLIFICATORE Tube & Solid State Mic / Line Preamp & Hi-Z DI  Dual-Path 310 volt,+ 70dB di gain, 48 V...
833,30 €


Sonifex Redbox Rb-dma2

Studio Preamplificatore Sonifex Redbox RB-DMA2, 2 channel low noise preamp with digital AES/EBU and S/PDIF outs, also analog outs (2 x XLRmale), sync inputs with AES, S/PDIF...
823,00 €


Grace Design m501

Studio Preamplificatore Grace Design m501, 1-Channel Mic-Preamp with Ribbon mic mode, Fast and musical transimpedance architecture, Precision audio path with 0.5% precision...
884,80 €


Ssl X-rack Mic Pre Modul

Studio Preamplificatore SSL X-Rack Mic Pre Modul, Mic-Input / Line-Input XLR, Instrument Input TRS 1/4", XLR Line-Out, Phase Reverse & Phantom Power, Variable input...
884,80 €


JoeMeek SixQ 2

JoeMeek sixQ 2, Channelstrip with Mic-Preamp, Compressor and EQ, Mic/Line/Instrument Input, Phantom Power 48V, LED-Meter, Iron-Switch, Pad and Phase...
602,60 €


Ssl X-rack Vhd Input Modul x lmc

Studio Preamplificatore SSL X-Rack X-Rack VHD Input Modul x LMC for X-Rack / Mynx, Mic Amp Module combines classic SSL character with our new Variable Harmonic Drive...
926,00 €


Heritage Audio 73 Jr.

Heritage Audio 73Jr Preamp, ?80dB Class A Microphone preamplifier, HI-LO selectable minimum input impedance, balanced and floating. High gain...
938,30 €


Aphex Channel

Aphex Channel, 19" 1U channelstrip includes tubepreamp, Compressor, gate, split band de-esser, aural exciter, parametric eq, Big Bottom - circuir, +4...
1.029,00 €


Focusrite ISA Two

Focusrite ISA Two - 2-channel preamp, Lundahl LL1538 mic input transformer, Variable input impedance, Up to 80 dB of gain, Variable cut-off high-pass...
884,80 €


Grace Design M101 Preamp

Studio Preamplificatore Grace Design M101 Preamp, 1-Channel Mic-Preamp with Ribbon mic mode, 48V phantom power, HPFilter, 10-75 dB Gain Range, new 12 position gold plated...
991,90 €


Universal Audio Solo 610

Studio Preamplificatore Universal Audio M-610 - mono tube mic pre-amp with 48V phantom power, lo-cut filter and phase reverse. Maintains the 610's flexible dual impedance...
1.029,00 €


Great River Mp-500nv

Studio Preamplificatore Great River MP-500NV, I/O connections: XLR balanced; high-Z input on front panel (disconnects mic input), Adjustable gain stages: input in 5db steps...
1.019,70 €


Audient ASP 880

Audient ASP 880, 8-channel mic preamp, 2x Hi-Z Class-A Instrument Inputs, 8 x Insert points, variable input impedance and High pass Filters, phase...
1.029,00 €


AMS Neve 88RLB Preampmodule 500er API

AMS Neve 88RLB, Mikrophone Preamp for APIs 500-Series Racks, based on the legendary 88RS Desks, switchable phantom power (+48 Volt), Gain-control...
823,00 €


Ams Neve 1073lb Preampmodule 500er api

Studio Preamplificatore AMS Neve 1073LB, classic transformer microphone preamp amp (Class A design), Neve designed hand-wound transformers, both Mic and Line inputs are...
987,80 €


Api Audio 512c Mic pre

Studio Preamplificatore API 512C, Mic Preamp with 65 dB of gain, Front and Back Panel Mic Input Access, Line/Instrument Preamp with 50 dB of gain, Front and Back Panel...
1.144,30 €


Lake People Mic-amp F366d 4-kanalpreamp

Studio Preamplificatore LAKE PEOPLE Mic-Amp F366D, four-channel ultra-low noise microphone preamplifier with excellent audio performance and common features. Ideal for...
1.304,00 €


Shadow Hills Industries Mono GAMA

Shadow Hills Industries Mono GAMA Mikrophone Preamp. System 500 Version of the legendary GAMA. Variable Nuances of the Sound-Character by switching...
1.292,70 €


Blue Robbie

Studio Preamplificatore Blue Robbie - Class A discrete tube microfono and strumenti preamplifier, one of the quietest (-131 dB EIN @ 50 Ohm) and most detailed (THD 0.006%)...
1.276,20 €


Spl Channel One Mkii 2950

Studio Preamplificatore SPL Channel One MKII, tube mic/line preamp, ARC noise gate, compressor/limiter, de-esser, EQ, headphone monitor, 48V phantom power, pad, phase...
1.357,50 €


Spl Gainstation 1 Premium

Studio Preamplificatore SPL Gainstation 1 Premium, highend 1-channel Class-A microfono preamp, Mic Input transformator from Lundahl, 60V-technology (125dB dynamic range...
1.487,30 €


Spl Gainstation 1 ad

Studio Preamplificatore SPL Gainstation 1 AD, highend Class-A microphonepreamp, with 24bit/96kHz AD Converter, 60V-Technic (125dB Dynamic /30dB Gain), seperate Solid-State-...
1.328,70 €


Spl Goldmike mk ii

Studio Preamplificatore SPL GOLDMIKE 2 channel Class A solid stage, tube drive in three different intensity levels, FLAIR presence enhancement in two switchable settings,...
1.282,40 €


Ssl x Logic Alpha Channel

Studio Preamplificatore SSL XLogic Alpha Channel - professional ultra-clean mono mic preamp with line level & Hi-Z instrument input switches, variable 'Harmonic Drive’...
1.144,30 €