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RME Octamic XTC

RME Octamic XTC, 8 channel microphone, Line and nstrument pre-amp with 192 kHz A/D converters, 8 x digital controlled High-End Mic/Line Preamps, 1 x...
2.059,00 €


Focusrite Isa 430 mk ii

Studio Preamplificatore Focusrite ISA 430 MK II Producer Pack - high-end channel strip with mic-preamp. Lundahl transformer.
1.903,40 €


Fredenstein F676

Fredenstein F676, 1-Channel Microphone Tube Preamp, vollsymmetrische Signalpfad, DSP-Technik, Ause a DSP to control the operating points of the...
1.750,00 €


Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5015

Studio Preamplificatore Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5015, microphone preamplifier (+48V) with compressor, independent transformer-coupled mic preamp and compressor-limiter...
2.059,00 €


Universal Audio 4-710d Twin-finity

Studio Preamplificatore Universal Audio 4-710d Twin-Finity, four-channel microphone/line preamplifier, Dual-path 285-volt Class-A tube and transimpedance solid-state...
2.085,80 €


Manley Core

Manley Core, Reference Channel Strip, Tube, Compressor, 3 Band EQ and Limiter, 48V Phantom power, 120Hz High Pass Filter switch, Phase Invert,...
2.358,70 €


Heritage Audio DMA-73

Heritage Audio DMA-73, ? 80dB Class A Microphone preamplifier, HI-LO selectable minimum input impedance, balanced and floating. High gain positions...
2.234,10 €


Empirical Labs El9 Mike-e

Studio Preamplificatore Empirical Labs EL9 Mike-e, digital controlled Mic Pre-Amp with compressor, Instrument Input, Phase Switch, Freq. Response is 3 Hz to 200 kHz on (No...
2.174,30 €


Millennia Hv-3c 2 Kanal Solid State mic

Studio Preamplificatore Millennia HV-3C 2 channel solid state micpreamp, high end, complete bal. signalpath, 23 dB input & 32 dB output headroom, goldcontact connectors and...
2.288,70 €


Millennia td-1

Studio Preamplificatore Millennia TD-1 Twin Direct - HV-3 mic pre-amp, DI box and mic/line pre-amp. Twin Topology DI channel (dual-triode 12AT7 vacuum tube or discrete FET...
2.403,00 €


Summit Audio Mpc-100 a

Studio Preamplificatore SUMMIT AUDIO MPC-100 A, 1 channel tube preamp/compressor, mic/line/instrument (Hi-Z), variable inputimpedance, -20dB pad, phasereverse, link out,...
2.611,10 €


Ams Neve 1073 Dpa Preamp Stereo

Studio Preamplificatore AMS Neve 1073 DPA - two legendary 1073 microfono pre-amps in a convenient 1U rackmount design, hand-crafted and hand-wired by Neve in Burnley, UK....
2.471,00 €


Universal Audio 6176

Studio Preamplificatore Universal Audio 6176 - high-end channel strip with the 610B tube microfono pre-amp and the legendary 1176LN compressor. Classic sound of the 610...
2.778,90 €


Chandler Limited tg 2 Dual Mono Microfono-preamp

Studio Preamplificatore Chandler Limited TG2 - dual mono microfono preamp with microfono and DI input. Based on the TG 12428 from the EMI/Abbey Road console. Input gain...
2.611,10 €


Drawmer 1969

Studio Preamplificatore Drawmer 1969 Mercenary Edition - mic/line/instrument preamp, 2 channels, tube compressor, balanced +4dB (XLR) & unbalanced -10dB (jack) in/out, 48V...
2.611,10 €


Api Audio A2d Dual 312 Preamp Mit ad

Studio Preamplificatore API A2D Dual 312 Mic Preamps with Digital Output, a pair of signature 312 mic preamps, API 2520 op amps, 20 Segment LED metering on both Analog and...
2.780,00 €


Avalon Vt-737sp

Studio Preamplificatore Avalon VT-737SP tube - direct signal path, mono mic pre-amp, opto-compressor, four band EQ, four tubes & class A discrete electronics, mic/line and...
2.841,80 €


Chandler Limited Ltd 1 Mikrofon Preamp, eq

Studio Preamplificatore Chandler Limited LTD-1, preamp with eq, based on the Neve 1073, 3 band EQ, 19", 1HE, external Alimentazione (PSU-1) neccessary (Artnr.194566)
2.924,20 €


Chandler Limited tg Channel mkii

Studio Preamplificatore Chandler Limited TG Channel MKII, Combination of TG2 Preamp and 4 band EQ, EQ is "Pultec" passiv designed (inductors) with hi/lowshelf and two...
2.770,70 €


Ams Neve 1073 Dpd Preamp Stereo

Studio Preamplificatore AMS Neve 1073 DPD, two legendary 1073 microfono preamps in a convenient 1U rackmount design, superior Neve-designed analogue-to-digital 24-bit...
2.780,00 €


Summit Audio Tpa-200 b

Studio Preamplificatore SUMMIT AUDIO TPA-200 B, 2 channel tube preamp, mic/line/instrument (Hi-Z) with Jensen transformer, variable inputimpedanz, -15dB and -25dB pad,...
3.089,00 €


Chandler Limited REDD.47

Chandler Limited REDD.47, 1-Channel Tube Mic Preamp based on the Premap of the EMI REDD.51 Console, Tubes: EF86, E88CC (input/output), Gain: 6db...
2.873,70 €


Ams Neve 4081 Quad Mic Preamp

Studio Preamplificatore AMS Neve 4081, Legendary Neve microfono preamp design, four genuine 1081 Mic preamp channels in a single 9.5" wide unit, two units can be fastened...
3.318,70 €


Great River Mp-2 nv

Studio Preamplificatore Great River MP-2 NV, 2-channel Solid State Mic-Preamp, 2 x XLR Mic-Input, 2 x Hi-Z Input frontside, balanced XLR Outputs,TRS Insert, Gain adjustable...
2.924,20 €


Manley Tnt Preamp Tube-transistor

Studio Preamplificatore Manley TNT, 2 monopreamps, on as a tubeversion and one non tube (TNT), same curcuit as SLAM
3.089,00 €