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Clearsonic Velcro Tab-D

Clearsonic Velcro Tab-D, Dark Gray Adhesive-backed Velcro Tab 0.75"x2" (19mm x 51mm), with pressure-sensitive self-adhesive backing (4 included with...
0,30 €


Clearsonic Velcro 1.5L

Clearsonic Velcro 1.5L, Light Gray Hook Velcro strap 1.5" x 6" (38mm x 152mm) with no adhesive backing (used to join or attach Light Gray SORBER...
0,40 €


Clearsonic Velcro 1.5D

Clearsonic Velcro 1.5D, Dark Gray Hook Velcro 1.5" x 6" (38mm x 152mm) with no adhesive backing (used to join or attach Dark Gray SORBER panels like...
1,80 €


Clearsonic Velcro Tab-L

Clearsonic Velcro Tab-L, Light Gray Adhesive-backed Velcro Tab 0.75"x2" (19mm x 51mm), with pressure-sensitive self-adhesive backing (4 included with...
0,30 €


Neutrik Nys-spcr 1

NEUTRIK NYS-SPCR 1 Modulo da inserto per connettore Neutrik NYS-SPP-L1.
2,50 €


Clearsonic Gloves

Clearsonic Gloves. Avoid fingerprints and extend the life of your ClearSonic Panel with ClearSonic one-size-fits-all brown jersey gloves.
3,80 €


Clearsonic HNG-AX12 Hinge

Clearsonic HNG-AX12 New Style hinge for AX12 ClearSonic Panel Height Extender (266mm/10.5" per section)
4,40 €


eq Acoustics Flexi Fit 2530

Acousti Pro Flexi Fit 2530, sistema di installazione per moduli ACOUSTI Pro, che consente l'installazione e re-installazione delle piastrelle con il...
5,30 €


Clearsonic HNG-AX18 Hinge

Clearsonic HNG-AX18 New Style hinge for AX18 ClearSonic Panel Height Extender (419mm/16.5" per section)
6,20 €


Thomann on Air Lampadina di Ricambio

Thomann sparepart lamp for "On Air Leuchte" E27 screw 25W lamp,
6,20 €


Clearsonic HCHNL24 "H" Channel

Clearsonic HCHNL24 "H" Channel to connect CSP and Extenders (per 600mm/23.75" section)
8,60 €


Clearsonic HNG-A2 / A18 Hinge

Clearsonic HNG-A2 /A18 New Style hinge for A2 / A18 ClearSonic Panel (568mm per section)
10,10 €


Triad-Orbit IO-H

Triad-Orbit Quick Release Head IO-H, Quick-Change Head, fits any conventional stand equipped with an IO-R Quick-Change system and all TRIAD-ORBIT...
10,10 €


Rode iClamp

Rode iClamp, heavy-duty clamp designed to provide additional support for Rode iXY stereo microphone during high movement usage with an iPhone 4 or...
8,60 €


Clearsonic HNG-A3 Hinge

Clearsonic HNG-A3 New Style hinge for A3 ClearSonic Panel (865mm/34.125" per section)
15,30 €


Rode ZP1

Rode ZP1, Microphone bag, durable, padded zip pouch designed to protect microphones or similar, examples: S1, NT1-A, NT2-A, NT3, NT6, NT1000, NTG-1,...
11,10 €


Hofa Ceiling Mounting kit

HOFA Ceiling Mounting Kit, includes everything to mount one HOFA frame to the ceiling
12,40 €


Ghielmetti Etichettare le Strisce gbz8

Ghielmetti GBZ 8 Label Strips - 8 x 432mm
13,80 €


Rode Boompole Clips 5-pack

Rode Boompole Clips 5-pack, clip mounts for the Rode Boompole - mini Boompole and micro Boompole, this pack contains 5 clips
13,60 €


Rode Universal Blimp Mount

Rode Universal Blimp Mount, interchangeable mounting adaptor for the Rode Blimp windshield shock mounting system. It allows for simple and...
13,60 €


Rode Vampire Clip

Rode Vampire Clip, double-toothed clothing pin that conveniently fastens the Rode Lavalier microphone onto a wide range of fabric and clothing for...
13,60 €


Clearsonic T-Base22

Clearsonic T-Base22 - T-Base22 stabilizing base channel is designed to anchor your ClearSonic drum shield in place. Each clear acrylic panel slides...
17,10 €


Clearsonic HNG-A4 Hinge

Clearsonic HNG-A4 New Style hinge for A4 ClearSonic Panel (1170mm/46.125" per section)
20,30 €


Millenium sg-2

MILLENIUM SG-2, Microphone Stand Adaptor enables you to fix a mobile recorder on the Asta per microfono, 1/4" external thread and 3/8" internal...
19,90 €


Rode Minifur Lav

Rode Minifur Lav, Miniatur synthetic fur cover windshield for Rode Lavalier and Rode smartLav, dimensions: 26 x 44 x 44 mm, weight: 1gr., Set -...
19,40 €