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Stairville Led Cavo Rete Prolunga 2m

Stairville LED Extension Cable with male - female Connector. Cable for LED Panel and LED Tube, 2m
2,40 €


Stairville Led Cavo Segnale 2m

Stairville LED Signalkabel 2m, extension cabel for Stairville LED-Tube, LED-Tower, LED-Panel, etc. 2 mtr. 4-pin connectors.
6,20 €


Kramer Pt-102vn 1:2 Videoverteiler

Kramer PT-102VN 1:2 – video distributor.
155,50 €


Kramer Pt-102sn 1:2 S-videoverteiler

Kramer PT-102SN 1:2 S-Video distributor, bandwith (Y) - 150MHz (-3dB), Y & C cannel, Y & C level attention adjustable, Pico-Tools Design,
129,80 €


Kramer Vp-200xln Xga Verstärker

Kramer VP200XLN 1:2 XGA Line Amp - high performance line and distribution amplifier for computer graphics video signals with resolutions ranging from...
197,80 €


Kramer Vp-300k Verteilverstärker

KRAMER VP-300K, 1:3 High-Resolution XGA distributionamplifier with Syncprozessing and extended EDID support
203,90 €


Kramer Vm-3vn Composite Video 1:3

KRAMER VM-3VN Composite Video BNC 1:3 distribution, compact High-Performance distributionamp for composite-video, BNC, level & EQ adjustable,
224,50 €


Kramer 104ln

Kramer 104LN 1:4 Video Line Amplifier - high performance line amplifier for composite and SDI video signals, includes differential circuitry to help...
214,20 €


Kramer Vp-400k Verteilverstärker

KRAMER VP-400K, 1:4 High-Resolution XGA distributionamplifier, with sync-processing and extended EDID support
245,10 €


Kramer PT-571 HDMI Transmitter

Kramer PT-571 HDMI, twisted pair transmitter for HDMI signals. The PT-571 converts an HDMI signal to a single twisted pair signal and the PT-572+...
215,30 €


Kramer PT-572+ HDMI Receiver

Kramer PT-572+ HDMI twisted pair receiver for HDMI signals. The PT-572+converts the twisted pair signal back to an HDMI signal. Max. Data Rate -...
215,30 €


Kramer VS-33Vxl

Kramer VS-33Vxl, high-performance switcher for composite video signals. Switching during the vertical interval ensures glitch-free switching with...
308,00 €


Kramer TP-580RXR

Kramer TP-580RXR, extended range, HDBaseT twisted pair receiver for HDMI, bidirectional RS-232 and IR signals, receives an HDBaseT twisted pair...
291,50 €


Extron Vtr001 Twisted Pair-empfänger

EXTRON VTR001, VGA-Twisted Pair-Empänger for RGBHV, work together with the VTT001 Twisted Pair Transmitters to create a cost-effective and high...
323,40 €


Kramer Vm-22hdmi 2x1:2 Hdmi-verteiler

KRAMER VM-22HDMI, HDMI-Distributionamplifier 2x1:2 HDMI,
395,50 €


Kramer VP-506 Scan Converter

Kramer VP-506 Scan Converter, computergrafik UXGA(1600x1200), 1080p and HDTV (1080i) to Video composite, Scan Converter, ProcAmp Control - Color,...
668,50 €


Kramer SID-X2N

Kramer SID-X2N, HDBaseT twisted pair transmitter and step-in commander for computer graphics video, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and unbalanced stereo...
823,00 €


Kramer Vp-8x4

KRAMER VP-8x4, Computer Graphics Video Matrix Switcher, high-performance matrix switcher for computer graphics video signals, with resolutions up to...
982,60 €


Roland VC-1-SC Up/Down/Cross Scaler

Roland VC-1-SC, Up/Down/ Cross Scaler, Video Converter is ideal for live production where you need analog or digital sources to match a certain SDI...
998,10 €