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Stairville TS-1 Light Adattatore

Stairville TS-1 Light Adapter, TS-1. Light Adapter for LST-310 Pro Lighting Stand to pick up one single Lamp.
9,90 €


Stairville TS-100 Pro Cross Bar

Stairville TS-100 Cross Bar, 100cm cross bar for LST-310 Pro Lighting Stand, or any other stand with a pipe outside diameter of 28mm.
9,80 €


Stairville TS-120 Cross Bar

Stairville TS-120 Cross Bar
12,40 €


Doughty T43000 Quertraverse

Doughty T43000 T-Bar 2 Lantern Zinc, lengh: 75,5cm
17,40 €


Doughty T43100 Quertraverse

Doughty T43100 Tee Bar 4 Lantern Zinc, length: 1250mm.
24,90 €


K&m 213/90 Schwarz

K&M 213/90, nero steel - Measurements: 1260mm long, 40mm deep, 20mm high
27,40 €


Doughty T43200 Quertraverse 160cm

Doughty T43200 Tee Bar 6 Lantern (Zinc) 160 cm
29,50 €


K&m 24622 Traversa

K&M 24622 Crossbar - attaches to lighting/speaker stands with extension tube diameters of 35mm, easy-to-use locking screw fixing. Aluminium cross bar...
36,30 €


K&m 213-30

K&M 213-30 Extension pipe for Lighting Stand. M10 thred
38,80 €


K&m 24637

K&M 24637 Side-Truss with Attachment for 1 to 4 PAR-Cans, Weight: 0.6Kg, Lunghezza: 665mm
40,00 €


K&m 21393

K&M 21393 crossbar - attachable to light and speaker stands with extension tube diameter of 35mm. 4x screw fittings for spot lights.
55,00 €


Global Truss CC50603 Bag Crossbar 3,0 m

Global Truss CC50603 Bag for 4 pz. Telescopic Bar 1,9 - 3,0 m.
60,00 €


Doughty T57325 Braced Boom Arm

Doughty T57325 Braced Boom Arm, T57325 Braced Boom Arm Polished. is ideal for flying heavy luminaries such as moving heads from vertical bars or...
128,80 €


Stairville Round-bar Acl Par64 1,5 mtr.

Stairville aluminium round bar for ACL - 2x round bars for 4x spots complete with wiring (110V plug), for use with Aircraft lamps (28V/250W)....
190,60 €