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Microfoni per Telecamera

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the t.bone CM Quad

the t.bone CM Quad, Camera-Video condendser microphone with 4 Microphone capsules, 4x omni-directional, frequencyrange: 20 - 20.000 Hz, power by 1,5...
33,80 €


The t.Bone Em9600 Microfono

THE T.BONE EM9600 microfono a condensatore con pattern ipercardioide, batteria 1.5v o alimentatore phantom, ideale per video, parlato e registrazioni...
56,30 €


Rode VideoMic GO

Rode VideoMic GO, condenser camera mic, Acoustic Principle: Line Gradient, Directional Pattern: Super-Cardioid, integrated Rycote Shockmount, robust...
79,40 €


The t.Bone Em9900

the t.bone EM9900 condenser shotgun microphone - hyper cardioid, frequency response: 30Hz-20kHz, switchable 180Hz lo-cut filter (12dB/oct.),...
102,40 €


Audio Technica Atr6550 Microfono a Fucile Telemike

Microfono a fucile Telemike Audio Technica Atr6550 > Caratteristiche principali, Capsula: Condensatore, Polare: Normal: Unidirezionale; Tele :...
110,40 €


Rode Videomic Microfono Per Videocamera

RODE VIDEOMIC MICROFONO PER VIDEO Microfono a fucile per videocamera, a condensatore. Incluso di morsetto. Risposta in frequenza: 40Hz-20kHz, 114db...
121,10 €


Audio Technica at 875 r

AUDIO TECHNICA AT 875 R, condser microphone especially for Videoproductions, 90 - 20.000 Hz, 100 Ohm, 127 dB SPL max., 11-52V DC, dimensions: 175 mm...
162,70 €


Audio-Technica AT8024

Audio-Technica AT8024, electret Videomicrophone especially to use on Video- and DSLR cameras, Mono- and MS Mode, caridoid and LR-Stereo pattern, 40 -...
218,40 €


Rode Ntg-1

Rode NTG-1 directional condenser microphone - broadcast quality, condenser transducer, low-noise circuitry, low handling noise, requires phantom...
193,60 €


Shure VP83 Lenshopper

Shure VP83 Lenshopper, condenser shotgun camera microphone, supercardioid - shotgun pattern, 50 - 20.000 Hz, switchable Pad (-10 dB Pad, 0, +20 dB...
219,40 €


Beyerdynamic Mce 72 cam

Beyerdynamic MCE 72 CAM - stereo condenser microphone with cardioid polar pattern, EA86 camera clamp and MVK73-K3 35cm cable (5-pin XLR to stereo...
257,50 €


Rode Ntg-2 Microfono Condensatore

RODE NTG-2 MICROFONO Microfono direzionale a condensatore, batteria 1.5V o alimentatore phantom potenziato (44V-52V). Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz,...
190,60 €


Audio Technica At897 Microfono

AUDIO TECHNICA AT897 Microfono direzionale, Attacco XLR, Batteria 1.5V AA o alimentatore Phantom 11-52 V, low-cut switchable 12dB/Okt.@80Hz, range in...
228,70 €


Beyerdynamic Mce 72 pv cam

Beyerdynamic MCE 72 PV CAM - stereo condenser microphone with cardioid polar pattern (requires phantom power). Includes EA86 camera clamp, WS72...
267,80 €


Sennheiser MKE 600

Sennheiser MKE 600, condenser camera-shotgun microphone, supercardioid/shotgun, 40 - 20.000 Hz, 132 dB SPL max (P48), 126 dB SPL max (Battery),...
308,00 €


Shure VP83F Lenshopper

Shure VP83F Lenshopper, condenser shotgun camera microphone with internal recorder and playback function, supercardioid - shotgun pattern, 50 -...
343,00 €


Rode Stereo VideoMic X

Rode Stereo VideoMic X - SVMX, broadcast-grade stereo on-camera microphone, very low self-noise (12dba), high sensitivity (25mv), high sound pressure...
571,70 €


Audio Technica bp 4029

AUDIO TECHNICA BP 4029, condenser stereo cameramicrophone especially for Broadcasting, Video and Recording, switchable pattern cardioid and eight...
1.029,00 €