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Multieffetti per Chitarra

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Behringer Fx600

Multieffetto per chitarra BEHRINGER FX600 pedale digitale multi effetto stereo - effetti 24bit stereo con flanger, chorus, phaser, delay, tremolo e pitch shifter, alimentatore...
48,80 €


Digitech Rp 55 - Multieffetto Per Chitarra

Multieffetto per chitarra pedaliera multieffetto per chitarra digitech rp 55 - dotato di 11 modelli di amplificatori e 20 effetti studio di qualità - 8 effetti max possono...
55,00 €


Mooer Pogo

Mooer Pogo, Multieffect for electric guitar, 5 effect modules & 15 effect types, 16 factory and 16 user presets, 40 drum rhythms, Integrated tuner,...
67,90 €


Zoom G1on

Zoom G1 on, multi effect for guitar, 75 guitar effects including distortion, dynamics and modulation effects, and reverbs, delays and many amp...
66,70 €


Zoom G1Xon

Zoom G1Xon, multi effect for guitar, 75 guitar effects including distortion, dynamics and modulation effects, and reverbs, delays and many amp...
90,90 €


Mooer Mod Factory

Mooer Mod Factory, Modulation effect pedal, 11 classic modulation effects, 32 Bit High Performance DSP, True Bypass, Metal housing, Power: optional...
83,20 €


Digitech Element

Digitech Element, Multieffect for electric guitar, 55 effects (12 amps, 9 cabinets, 34 stompboxes), 200 presets (100 factory, 100 user), 40 Tone...
88,60 €


Finhol Kickbox Basic

Finhol Kickboxing Basic, stompbox, Basic version with solid walnut case with SMD technology (Sandwitch Midfrequency Damping technology) for a much...
92,00 €


Mooer GEM Box LE

Mooer GEM Box LE, Multieffect processor for electric guitar, 8 effect modules, 60 effect types, 25 drive sounds - 15 pedals & 4 amplifiers, 40 Preset...
92,00 €


Digitech Element XP

Digitech Element XP, guitar multi-effect pedal, 59 effects (12 amps, 9 cabinets, 38 stompboxes), integrated expression pedal, 200 presets, 100...
105,80 €


Zoom Multi Stomp MS-50G

Zoom Multi Stomp MS-50G Gitarrenmultieffekt - simultaneous use of up to six effects, sheavy duty die-cast body, easy-to-use interface coming from...
112,70 €


Line6 Pocket Pod Multieffetto

Multieffetto per chitarra Multieffetto per chitarra line6 pocket pod - la serie pod della line 6 - in tutte le sue diverse incarnazioni - presenta senza ombra di dubbio tra i...
97,80 €


Zoom Multi Stomp MS-70 CDR

Zoom Multi Stomp MS-70 CDR, multi effects unit for e-guitar a-guitar and bass, 86 chorus delay and reverb effect types, up to 6 simultaneous effects,...
112,30 €


Finhol Kickbox Mark I

Finhol Kickbox Mark I, stompbox, Mark I version with powerful and realistic bass drum sound, control via sensor and microprocessor, real sample play,...
122,60 €


Digitech RP 360

Digitech RP 360, multi-effects processor for electric guitar, 126 effects (32 amps 18 cabinets 74 stompboxes), 198 presets (99 factory, 99 user),...
150,40 €


Electro Harmonix Holy Stain

Multieffetto per chitarra ELECTRO HARMONIX HOLY STAIN, Multieffekt, Reverb, Pitch Shift and Tremolo can blend con the Stain’s unique analog, gilded distortion. Plutonic,...
141,10 €


Finhol Kickbox Mark II

Finhol Kickbox Mark II, stompbox, Mark II version with powerful and realistic Bass Drum sound and sonorous Cayonsound, sounds are selectable via...
143,20 €


Behringer Fcb1010 Midi Footcontroller

Multieffetto per chitarra PEDALIERA DI CONTROLLO MIDI Behringer FCB 1010, Non importa cosa suoni o persino se sei un tecnico con un arsenale MIDI, apprezzerete il modo in cui...
162,70 €


Finhol Kickbox Mark III

Finhol Kickbox Mark III, stompbox, Mark III version with powerful and realistic Bass Drum sound and sonorous Cayonsound, sounds are selectable via...
163,80 €


g Lab Midi 4x Looper

Multieffetto per chitarra G LAB Midi 2x Looper 4 bypass Loops, Midi thru, 4 buttons per loops’ manual on/off switching, Alimentazione and active loop indicators, Alimentazione...
163,80 €


Finhol Stompbox Converter

Finhol Stompcon Stompbox Converter, Converter for 12 different sample sounds, connected between stompbox and amplifier, controller for sound (Pickup...
174,10 €


Digitech RP 360 XP

Digitech RP 360 XP, multi-effect processor for electric guitar, over 160 amps, cabinets, and effects, 54 amp/acoustic types, 26 cabinets, 82 effects,...
190,60 €


Digitech Jimi Hendrix Experience

Multieffetto per chitarra DIGITECH JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCEDigitech Jimi Hendrix Experience Pedal, 7 authentic Sounds da Guitarhero Jimi Hendrix, Switch between 2 Variations by...
200,90 €


Finhol Cajokick®

Finhol Cajokick®, ideal Sound Expansion for Cajon players, Percussioniss und guitar players, dynamic feel Pad with 12 instrumants included as for...
205,00 €


Electro Harmonix Tone Tattoo

Electro Harmonix Tone Tattoo, e-guitar multieffect, combines Metal Muff, Neo Clone and Memory Toy in one chassis, controls for Memory Toy: Delay,...
239,00 €