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Pedali riverbero

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Mooer Shim Verb

Mooer Shim Verb, electric guitar effects, reverb, controls for: Decay, Level and Color, Room, Spring and Shimmer toggle, status LED, jackinput and...
71,30 €


Mooer Sky Verb

Mooer Sky Verb, Reverb pedal, 3 modes: Studio - warm, natural indoor reverb; Church - huge reverb with soft reverbs and reflections;, Plate - Classic...
86,30 €


XVive D1 Maxverb

XVive D1 Maxverb, guitar effect pedal, digital reverb, three mode digital reverb, modes: spring, hall, plate modes, blend control fully dry to fully...
80,50 €


HoTone Skyline Verb

HoTone Skyline Verb, digital reverb pedal for guitar reverb level, reverb decay, tone control, shim switch, status LED, true bypass, input & output...
90,90 €


TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini

TC Electronic HOF - Hall of Fame Mini, e-guitar stompbox, Toneprint, Hall, TonePrint Editor, True Bypass, adjustable, piccolo chassis, battery...
109,30 €


Danelectro Dsr-1 Spring king

112,30 €


Mooer ShimVerb Pro Digital Riverbero

Mooer ShimVerb Pro Digital Reverb Pedal, Stereo reverb pedal, 5 reverb modes: Room; Hall; Church; Plate; Spring, Shimmer footswitch for adding...
124,60 €


Digitech Polara

Digitech Polara, Reverb, 7 Lexiconฎ reverbs: ROOM, PLATE, REVERSE, MODULATED, HALO, HALL, SPRING, True stereo signal path with separate 6.3 mm in and...
128,80 €


Electro Harmonix Nano Holy Grail

Pedale Riverbero Electro Harmonix Nano Holy Grail, digitally Reverb, simulation per a classic spring reverb, true bypass, smooth "hall" reverb tailored a...
139,10 €


Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Neo

Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Neo, reverb pedal, Three super reverb styles in one compact pedal: Spring, Plate and Hall, controls: reverb, style...
141,10 €


TC Electronic T2

TC Electronic T2, e-guitar effect, Reverb, contorls for: Decay, Tone and Mix, 10 reverb types, pre-delay mini toggle, Spillover on/off, mono/stereo,...
159,70 €


Electro Harmonix Holy Grail plus

Pedale Riverbero Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Plus - digital reverb with three rich-sounding algorithms (spring, hall & 'flerb'), true bypass, includes power...
165,80 €


Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Max

Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Max, e-guitar effect, reverb, controls for: Blend, Time, 4 Reverb modes: Spring, Hall, Plate, Reverse, power supply is...
182,30 €


Finhol Accutronic Analog Springreverb

Finhol Accutronics Analog Spring Reverb, analog reverb with Accutronics spring-reverb, reverb control: max. reverb-time 3 seconds, input: 6.3 mm...
165,80 €


Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb

Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb, Factory Made, e-guitar stompbox, reverb, analog signal path, input impedance: 500 kOhm, output impedance: 10...
205,00 €


Source Audio Soundblox2 Dimension Reverb

Source Audio Soundblox2 Dimension Reverb, effect pedal, 6 different room sounds (reverb, spring reverb, modulation reverb, echo), 2 User Presets,...
196,70 €


g Lab Dr3 Dual Reverb

Pedale Riverbero G LAB DR3 Dual Reverb The Dual Reverb DR3 has True Bypass mode based on optical elements. Besides switching between two reverb settings (by A/B...
218,40 €


Subdecay Super Spring Theory

Subdecay Super Spring Theory, e-guitar effect pedal, Reverb, authentic spring reverb and room reverb (switchable via mini toggle), analoge signal...
228,70 €


Solid Oro FX Surf Rider

Solid Gold FX Surf Rider, reverb pedal, boost and bypass footswitches, resonance control, depth control, level control, tone control, power supply...
239,00 €


Carl Martin Headroom

Carl Martin Headroom effect pedal, spring reverb, 2 reverb settings, switchabler, control for level A,level B,tone A and tone B, switch for for...
269,90 €


Duesenberg The Rev

Duesenberg The Rev, reverb pedal, controls for size, hi-cut and mix, authentic sound like an old tube-driven spring reverb, hand wired, analog...
239,00 €


Electro Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb

Pedale Riverbero Electro Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb Effect Pedal, 24 Bit- Stereo In and Outputs, 8 programmable Modes, Control for Blend- Reverb Time -...
249,30 €


Lovepedal Hermida Riverbero 3

Lovepedal Hermida Reverb 3, guitar effect pedal, controls: mix control & dwell control, true bypass, status LED, no battery operation, power supply...
231,80 €


Strymon Bluesky

Pedale Riverbero Strymon Bluesky Pedale Riverbero - rumore super basso , controllo dedicato pre-delay , interruttore a pedale per salvare un suono preferito, bypass,...
349,20 €


Strymon Flint

Strymon Flint, e-guitar stomp box, reverb/tremolo, 3 different reverbs: 60ดs, 70ดs and 80ดs Reverb, 3 different tremolos: Photo Tremolo (65ดstyle),...
349,20 €