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Metronomi digitali

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Boss Db-30

Boss DB-30 Dr. Beat – rugged portable metronome con fun play-along patterns, 24x beat variations con complex beats, 9x rhythm patterns, large LCD...
37,50 €


Boss Db-60

Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome – includes many features of the DB-66 and DB-88 at an affordable price. 23 beats, 1/4 to 9/4 beats per measure, 20...
79,40 €


Boss Db-90

Boss DB-90 Dr. Beat Metronome - quick rhythm customizing with note mixing function, dozens of built-in play-along drum patterns. Dedicated sliders,...
149,40 €


CTC-50 Red Accordatore

Thomann CTC-50 Red, Clip-On Chromatic Instrument Tuner, super tight fast tuning, bright color LCD display, rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing,...
7,70 €


Danelectro SN-1 Snark Tuner/Metronom GB

Danlectro SN1 Snark accordatore/metronomo a clip per chitarra e basso, display full color che puς rotare di 360°, metronomo Tap Tempo, calibro...
15,20 €


Danelectro SN-4 Snark Tuner/Metronome

Danelectro SN-4 Snark Tuner/Metronome, chromatic, coloured display, tuning by costruito nel microphone or jack input, electronic pitchpipe plays: CC#...
16,40 €


Gewa Wittner Metronomo Mt-70

Gewa Wittner Metronom MT-70.Quarz Metronom,silver-black with pendular simulation 40-260 beets,tuning tone A 440-445,10 variable beet,without...
63,30 €


Harley Benton dr. Chord Pro Trova Corde 2640 Accordi

Harley Benton Pro Chord Dr.- trova corde con accordatore cromatico e metronomo - 2640 accordi - accordi destro e mancino - ricerca di accordi (...
19,60 €


Harley Benton Mt100

Harley Benton MT100 Accordatore a morsetto - metronomo integrato, microfono integrato e sensore di vibrazione, ampio display illuminato regolabile,...
9,90 €


Ibanez Ru10 Jam Tuner

Ibanez RU10 Jam Tuner, Tuner, Metronome, 20 Rhythm Patterns and Hi Gain Distortion, Headphone Out, Aux-in, Achtel, quaver, semiquaver and triplets...
30,20 €


Korg Dolcetto AW-3M Accordatore

Korg Dolcetto AW-3M, clip-on tuner, chromatic, accuracy +/- 1 Cent, chamber pitch frequency 410 - 480 Hz in 1 Hz steps, modes: C, F, B, Es, metronom:...
48,80 €


Korg Dolcetto AW-3T Accordatore

Korg Dolcetto AW-3T, clip-on tuner, chromatic, accuracy +/- 1 Cent, chamber pitch frequency 410 - 480 Hz in 1 Hz steps, modes: C, F, B, Es, metronom:...
48,80 €


Korg Dolcetto AW-3V Accordatore

Korg Dolcetto AW-3V, clip-on tuner, chromatic, accuracy +/- 1 Cent, chamber pitch frequency 410 - 480 Hz in 1 Hz steps, modes: C, F, B, Es, metronom:...
41,30 €


Korg headtune HT-G2 Accordatore Chitarra

Korg headtune HT-G2, clip-tuner for guitar shaped like a headstock, compact, light-weight & precise, sturdy clip, automatic switch-off function
16,10 €


Korg Ma-1 bk

Korg MA-1 BK, Metronomo digitale / sintonizzatore, Accordatore cromatico, funzione tap-tempo, 9 modelli beat, 8 tipi Ritmici, uscita cuffie con...
12,40 €


Korg Ma-1 bl

Metronomo Korg MA-1 BL digitale metronomo/accordatore cromatico, il ma1 θ un metronomo compatto con un range tempo ampio e una ricca varietΰ di ritmi...
13,80 €


Korg Pitchblack Portable BK Accordatore

Korg Pitchnero Portable, polyphonic tuner, led display, three display modes: normal, strobe & half-strobe, ±0,1 cent tuning-precision, automatic...
67,90 €


Millenium Dt600 Drum Trainer

Metronomo per batteria DT600 Drum Trainer, Tempo: 30 - 250, 30 pattern Memory Rythmus, 20 User Pattern, Start- Stop over Push Button, lunghezza...
35,60 €


Millenium Rw500 Rhythmpumper

Millennium RW500 metronomo - tempo 30-280 bpm, volume separato per ottave ecc, display LED, pulsante start / stop, line out, 30 preset, include...
38,30 €


Ortega OCAT-2BK Accordatore

Ortega OCAT-2BK Tuner, tuner, switchable recording source (can be used as a clip or a desktop tuner), free-calibrated between 410 Hz and 490 Hz,...
18,40 €


Peterson Bbs-1 Body Beat sync

Peterson BBS-1 Body Beat Sync Sincronizzazione wireless di un numero illimitato di Battiti del Corpo, play MIDI tempo map files, sync to a click...
145,20 €


Peterson SP-1 StroboPlus HD Tuner Accordatore

Peterson SP-1 StroboPlus HD Tuner, tuner, High-Resolution display, 0.1 cent accuracy, built-in microphon, Auto-Off function,drop/capo function, Buzz...
132,90 €


Planet Waves PW-CT-12 Micro Headstock Accordatore

Planet Waves PW-CT-12 Micro Headstocktuner virtually invisible compact design, high sensitivity piezo for accurate tuning (410-480 Hz), easy to read...
21,00 €


Samson CM40 Cromatico Accordatore / Metronomo

Samson CM40, chromatic tuner for guitar and bass, colored LCD display, option for flat tuning, pitch calibration ranges from A 430 to 450Hz, tone...
16,10 €


Seiko Dm-50 Metronome pink

Seiko DM-50 Digital metronome - tempo: 30-250bpm. Colore: pink
21,10 €