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Distributori di Corrente per apparecchiature musicali

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Riedconn Stromverteiler Stv63/022-3

RiedConn STV63/022-3 Powerdistributor, 63A/5p Input, Output 2x32A and 2 x 16A Out, 3 Safty Plugs all Outputs on the back. 1 x RCD/0.03 global for all...
823,00 €


Riedconn Stromverteiler Stv002-3

RiedConn STV002-3
579,90 €


Hama Systemtechnik Stv32-pam 240 Power Distributi

HAMA Systemtechnik STV32-PAM 240 Power Distribution, professional 19" 32APower Distribution Input: CEE32 A 400V Male, 5 pin, on 2 mtr. gomma cable...
571,70 €


Nova MDU1

Nova MDU1, connettore panel for NOVA ELITE, 16A CEE in, 2x XLR in/through, 2x speakon out (4-pol.), optical phase control, L1, L2, L3, output mains...
571,70 €


Work Distributore-di-corrente 32a Wpd323 stuv

Work WPD 323 STUV power distributor - digital voltage & current monitoring per phase, FI 32A residual current circuit breaker, 6x 16A automatic "C"...
468,70 €


Hama Systemtechnik Vollgummi Verteiler 32a-2x16a

HAMA Systemtechnik, Gummy-Powersupply 32A CEE in, 2* 16A CEE Out (with fuses), 6 Safety Plug Outs with fuses, 2 mtr. cavo, Phase-Controll LED΄s,...
468,70 €


Botex Psa 631 Stromverteiler 63a

Botex PSA 631 Power Distributor 63A - front panel: digital voltage & amperage monitoring (per phase), residual current circuit breaker (FI 63 A 4...
468,70 €


Hama Systemtechnik Stv32-pam 160 32a - 6x 16a

HAMA Systemtechnik STV32-PAM 160, Professional Power-Supply Made in Germany! 19" Housing, 2 height units, Input: CEE32 400V, 5p. 6h on the front,...
411,00 €


Showtec Psa-3212S Distributore-Di-Corrente

Showtec PSA-3212S Distributore di corrente 19" 4HE - 12x 16 Ampere Safety Output. Dimensioni 482 x 178 x 25 cm, peso 10 Kg
430,90 €


hk Audio ps32

HK AUDIO PS32, CEE- Powerdistribution-system, 19"/2HE, 32A in/32A out (3-phasig), 6 safety sockets (L1-L3)
331,70 €


Botex Psa 321 Stromverteiler 32a

Botex PSA 321 Power Distributor - digital voltage & current monitoring (per phase), residual current circuit breaker (FI 32A 4-pole), 6x 16A 'C'...
343,00 €


Work Distributore-di-corrente 16a Wpd163 stuv

Work power distributor 16A WPD 163 STUV - digital voltage and current monitoring, 16A CEE input, automatic "C" fuses per phase. 6x 16A outputs...
301,80 €


Hama Systemtechnik Vollgummi Verteiler 32a in

HAMA Systemtechnik STG 32/01-6/2K Rubber-Power-Supply, with Handle, Black, Input: CEE32A Plug with 2 mtr. cavo H07RN-F 5G4 Output: 1x CEE16A / 6x...
308,00 €


Hama Systemtechnik Stv32 pa/s

HAMA Systemtechnik STV32 PA/S Power Distributor - 32A input, 32A output, 6x shockproof plugs, 3x power protect switches, 1x shockproof plug...
291,50 €


Hama Systemtechnik Stv16 Pa/s

HAMA STV16 PA/S distributore di corrente 16A Input, Rear: 6 x 230 V connettori stile tedesco, 3 Powerswitcher 16A/"C"
281,20 €


Eurolite SB-1100 Power distributor 32A

Eurolite SB-1100 Power distributor 32A, SB-1100 Power distributor 32A. Practical 32 A distributor in 483 mm housing (19"). Specially designed...
242,10 €


Hama Systemtechnik Stg16/0-6/2k/fi

HAMA Systemtechnik STG16/0-6/2K/FI, full gomma distributor Input: device plug CEE 16A/400V (red) with 2 mtr. cavo, Out: 6 protezione contact socket...
231,80 €


Botex Psa 161 Stromverteiler 16a

Botex PSA 161 Power Distributor – digital voltage and current monitoring, 16A CEE input, 'C' automatic fuses per phase. 6X 16A shockproof output...
293,60 €


K&m 28676 Presa Multipla

K & M 28676 alimentatore da 19 ", 1 unitΰ di potenza con 6 spine sulla parte anteriore e 6 spine sul retro 
138,00 €


Stairville PD-16M Power Distributor 16A

Stairville PD-16M Power Distributor 16A, PD-16M Power Distributor 16A. full rubber distributor Input: device plug CEE 16A/400V (red) Power Output: 6x...
143,20 €


K&m 28664

K&M 28664 Power-distribution 19", 1 U, 3 x 2 german type power-outlets 220V (colour-coded) on frontside, input 5-pin CEE-plugr 16A/380V witht 2m cavo
114,30 €


Stairville Solid Rubber Power Bar S3 IP44

Stairville Solid Rubber Power Bar S3 IP44, rubberized power connettore 400V/16A/max. 11kW, 2m H07RNF 5G2,5m²CEE 16A 400V input, 3 x CEE16A 400V...
112,30 €


K&m 28668 19"-power box

K&M 28668 power adapter 19", 1 unit, with 6 power plugs on the Front and switch on the front, without cavo
111,20 €


K&m 28665 Alimentatore

K & M 28665 adattatore di alimentazione - rack/1U 19", 7 prese elettriche posteriore, davanti l'interruttore di accensione.
94,30 €


Adam Hall 87472

Adam Hall 87472, 19"/2 HE power distribution, 6x power sockets on the rear, 3x power sockets on the front with hinged lids, 2x mains switch on the...
70,20 €