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Torce a LED

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Thomann Key-ring Led Lampada

PORTACHIAVI con Lampadina a LED e con Flash
2,20 €


Mighty Bright Micro Clip LED Light

Mighty Bright Micro Clip LED Light, thumb-sized body, bright white, energy-efficient LED, durable LED lasts 100,000 hours, no replacement necessary,...
3,20 €


LED Lenser P4 BM LED Clip Torch Lamp

LED Lenser F1 Pocket LED Flashlight with enormous power. The F1 is a true "light plant". with minimal Dimensions, delivers the F1 400 lumens! The...
22,40 €


LED Lenser SEO 3 LED Headlamp

LED Lenser SEO 3 LED Headlamp. The SEO 3 is the ideal lamp for use "ON-Tour" and "ON-Stage"., Specifications: LED Configuration: 3 x LED 1 x High End...
27,90 €


LED Lenser L7

LED Lenser L7. The powerhouse for extreme action. When we designed the L7, our main idea was to create a flashlight that withstands extreme heat and...
36,30 €


LED Lenser P5.2 LED Torch Lamp 140 Lumen

LED Lenser P5.2 LED Torch Lamp 140 Lumen. The P5.2 is small, lightweight, an energy-saving marvel and at the same, time a giant brightness. It is...
31,10 €


LED Lenser SEO 5 LED Headlamp black

LED Lenser SEO 5 LED Headlamp. The SEO 5 is made for stage builders, technicians, musicians, etc., With 180 lumens of light output, it ensures safe...
48,80 €


LED Lenser TT High Performance LED Torch

LED Lenser TT High Performance Line LED Flashlight with Focus. Revolutionary High-end power LED flashlight with Focus, System. Rugged splash-proof...
48,80 €


LED Lenser P7QC LED Torch Multi Colour

LED Lenser Torch P7QC LED Multi Colour. Made for stage technicians or security forces at events. Specifications: LED, Configuration 1 x Multi-Color...
69,00 €


LED Lenser Headlamp H7R.2

LED Lenser Headlamp H7R.2. The LED LENSER® H7R is one of the most popular battery-pack operated headlamps. In the new LED LENSER® H7R.2, we have...
67,90 €


LED Lenser SEO 7R LED Headlamp

LED Lenser SEO 7R LED Headlamp. Rechargeable LED headlamp with 220 lumens. The top of the SEO Headlights provides more light output and a battery...
73,60 €


LED Lenser P5R.2 LED Torch Lamp 270 Lumen

LED Lenser P5R.2 LED Torch Lamp 270 Lumen. The P5R.2 has an amazing light output for your size., From the high-precision reflector-lens shoots a beam...
75,90 €