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Avid Pro Tools | S3

Avid Pro Tools | S3, based on the award-winning Pro Tools | S6, Pro Tools | S3 is a compact, EUCON-enabled, ergonomic desktop control surface that...
5.107,80 €


Avid Artist Color

AVID Artist Color, DAW Controller with 3 optical trackballs, 3 optical trackwheels, 6 touch-sensitive rotary encoders, 6 high-resolution OLED...
1.431,70 €


Avid Artist mix

AVID Artist Mix DAW controller, 8 motorised Touch-sensitive 100mm Faders, 8 Touch-sensitive Rotary Encoders and Knob Select/On Keys,...
1.122,70 €


Mackie Control Universal pro

Mackie Control Universal Pro - motorised fader controller for software recording systems (DAWs). Compatible with Cubase SX, Emagic Logic, Nuendo, Pro...
1.328,70 €


Mackie Control xt pro

Mackie Contro XT Pro, 8 Channel Extender for the Mackie Control, 100mm Penny&Giles Motorfader, 8 V-Pots with LED-Ring, LCD Display, Rec-, Solo-,...
1.029,00 €


Icon QCon Pro

Icon QCon Pro, USB DAW Controller, 9x 100mm Motorfaders (8x channel, 1x Master), 8x rotary knobs, 12-segment LED channels level metering, jogwheel,...
677,70 €


Icon QCon EX

Icon QCon EX, USB DAW Controller, 8 touch-sensitive motorized channel faders, 12-segments LED channels level metering, 8 x dual function encoder...
468,70 €


Zoom r24

Zoom R24, SD-Card Recorder, USB-Audiointerface, DAW-Controller and Sampler, 24-Track Playback and 8-track recording simultaneous, 24 Spur Playback in...
409,90 €


Steinberg Cc121 Controller

Steinberg CC121 DAW Controller - plug-and-play (with Cubase), USB bus powered, transport section, channel section with controls for solo/mute,...
409,90 €


jl Cooper Fader Master pro

JL COOPER FADER MASTER PRO , Eight Programmable High-Quality 100mm Faders, Eight Programmable MIDI Buttons 1/4" Footswitch and Foot Pedal Inputs,...
981,60 €


Zoom R16 Multitraccia Digitale 8 Tracce

Zoom R16 registratore 8 tracce con supporto sd card, 16 tracce in riproduzione e 8 tracce in registrazione, simultanea su SD Card, Formato...
331,70 €


Keith McMillen QuNeo Rogue

Keith McMillen QuNeo Rogue, Transmitter for QuNeo for Wireless Operation up to 60 Meters Range, 6-8 Hours Battery Operation
336,80 €


Akai APC 40 Mk2

Akai APC 40 Mk2, USB Controller, Ableton Performance Controller, Provides hands-on control of Ableton Live with visual feedback, Seamlessly...
343,00 €


DNA Music Labs Hotkey Matrix PC/MAC

DNA Music Labs Hotkey Matrix PC/MAC, USB Controller Surface for Pro Tools, 144 keys mapped to specific Pro Tools commands and functions, Shortcuts...
374,90 €


Zoom r8

Zoom R8, combined 8-Track Multitrack SD-Card Recorder, USB-Audiointerface 24-Bit/96KHz, DAW Controller and 24-Voices Pad-Sampler. Recorder:...
306,90 €


DJ Techtools Midi Fighter 3D

DJ Techtools Midi Fighter 3D, move sensitive USB DJ-Controller, 16 RGB arcade buttons, 6 side buttons, 4 banks of controls, Full 3D motion tracking...
293,60 €


DJ Techtools Midi Fighter Twister black

DJ Techtools Midi Fighter Twister nero, USB controller, 16 high resolution encoders with integrated push switch and LED feedback, each encoder has an...
293,60 €


DJ Techtools Midi Fighter Twister white

DJ Techtools Midi Fighter Twister bianco, USB controller, 16 high resolution encoders with integrated push switch and LED feedback, each encoder has...
291,50 €


Presonus Faderport

PRESONUS FADERPORT, complete recording transport control, touch sensitive, long throw motorized fader, write single channel or group channel...
182,30 €


Keith McMillen QuNexus

Keith McMillen QuNexus, USB Controller with 25 velocity sensitive Sensor Pads, 7 Octave Range, Polyphonic Aftertouch, Pitch Bend Pad, 2 CV Inputs,...
168,90 €


Livid Guitar Wing

Livid Guitar Wing, wireless Bluetooth Controller for Guitar and Bass Player to control Software-Plugins on iOS Devices and PC/MAC, 5 Pressure...
113,90 €



159,70 €


Contour Shuttlepro v2

CONTOUR A/V Solutions ShuttlePro, Multi-button Jog & Shuttle Multimedia Control Surface, The ShuttlePRO V.2 even comes pre-configured for many of the...
113,90 €


Akai APC mini

Akai APC mini, Performance Controller for Ableton, Ultra-portable all-in-one Ableton Live controller, Seamlessly integrates 1 to 1 with Ableton Live,...
90,90 €


Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth

Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth, wireless Controller for Mac, fully programmable scrub wheel/switch combination, can be used as volume/mute knob, scrub...
75,90 €