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Equalizzatori Grafici

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Equalizzatore grafico 9 bande compatto minifbq behringer fbq800

Equalizzatore Grafico Behringer fbq800 equalizzatore grafico per studio e live da 9,5 pollici, high pass, 6-led misuratore di livello / uscita, dimensioni 48 mm x 243...
85,10 €


DBX 215s

DBX 215s - Dual 15-band EQ, 1/3-octave Constant Q frequency bands, switchable boost/cut ranges of ±6 or ±12 dB, front panel bypass switch, ±12 dB...
121,50 €


dbx 131s

dbx 131s Graphic Equalizer - 1x 31-band, +/- 6/12dB gain, output meter, switchable bypass, clip LED, 50Hz low cut filter (12dB/octave), 20mm faders,...
142,10 €


DBX 231s

DBX 231s graphic equalizer, 2 x 31 Band Constant Q Filter, Internal Powersupply, Bypass switch, ±12 dB variable input gain, 4 LEDs (output level...
173,00 €


The t.Racks ds 2/4

The t.racks DSP 2/4 - digital altoparlante management system, 2x input, 4x output (2x2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 2-way sub), 3x24bit DSP, frequency range...
205,00 €


Behringer DCX2496LE Ultradrive Pro

Behringer DCX2496LE Ultradrive Pro digital 24-bit/96kHz loudspeaker management system - 2 analogue inputs and 6 analogue outs for great flexibility,...
271,90 €


Behringer dcx2496 ultradrive pro crossover

Equalizzatore Grafico Behringer DCX2496 Ultradrive Pro digital 24-bit/96kHz sistema ultra-preciso di gestione altoparlanti - caratteristiche - sistema ultra-preciso di...
285,30 €


Behringer Deq2496 Ultra-curve pro

Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra Pro Curve - θ un processore audio digitale di alta qualitΰ, su base DPS, con convertitori A/D e D/A da 24bit/96kHz integrati,...
297,70 €


Dbx 1231

Equalizzatore Grafico dbx 1231 - 2x 31-Band Graphic EQ, 4 LED display indicators, 45mm Faders (20Hz - 20kHz), Range +/- 6dB und +/- 15dB, balanced 1/4" jack and XLR...
318,30 €


Dbx 2231

Equalizzatore Grafico DBX 2231 - 2x 31-band EQ with DBX riduzione del rumore, controllable limiter, XLR I/O, 4-segment LED bar graph for both gain reduction and output...
540,80 €


ART HQ231 Pro Dual 31 Band EQ

ART HQ231 Pro Dual 31 Band EQ, Dual Graphic Equalizer 31 Band, Feedback Detection Circuit, Output Level VU Metering on Each Channel, High and Low...
489,30 €


Rolls Req 215

Equalizzatore Grafico ROLLS REQ 215, 2x 15 Band Equalizer, XLR, 1/4" Jack and RCA In - Outputs, Regolabile Hi/Low Shelving Filters, +/- 6dB, 19" 1HE, weight 2Kg
462,50 €


Dbx 2031

Equalizzatore Grafico DBX 2031, graphic Equalizer, 1x 31-Band, bal. XLR/jack/B-Strips, je 4 LEDs for level and gain reduction, switchable range +/- 6 dB and +/- 15 dB, 40...
530,50 €


Dynacord DSP 600

Dynacord DSP 600 Controller 2in6, Analog and AES/EBU Inputs, IRIS-Net control and configuration, Ethernet and USB Data Interface, EQ and Delay, 60...
1.487,30 €