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Compressori Gates e De Esser


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Behringer Xr4400 Multigate pro

Behringer XR4400 Multigate Pro - 4-canali Quattro circuiti expander/gate separati, tempo di attacco estremamente breve(<10 ตsec.), filtro side...
89,10 €


Samson S-com plus

Samson S-Com Plus, Combination Compressor,Expander/Gate and Limiting, De-Esser, 19" 1He
148,30 €


Dbx 266 xs

dbx 266 XS stereo compressor/gate with integrated PSU, Over Easy function (automatic attack and release), Compressor-Ratio "1:1 - 4:1", XLR ins/outs,...
121,50 €


Behringer Mdx2600 Composer Pro-xl

Behringer MDX2600 Composer PRO XL, Dynamic-Prozessor, 19"/1HE, compressor, expander, limiter, 2 channel, expander/gate regelbar (threshold, release,...
141,10 €



ART Tube MP/C, Preamp/Compressor/Limiter/Di-Box, Tube-based mic/line preamplifier with up to 80 dB of gain, 12AX7a tube Hand-selected, optical...
142,10 €


Samson S-com 4

Samson S-Com 4 - combination compressor, expander/gate. 4-channels (linkable in two stereo pairs), balanced inputs and outputs on XLR and 1/4"...
128,80 €


Alesis 3632 Compressor

Alesis 3632 Compressor, Stereo Compressor/Expander/Limiter/Gate, intelligent Knee for soft- and hardknee curves, intelligent ratio looks at the...
163,80 €


Rolls sl 33

ROLLS SL 33, Stereo Limiter, Input and outputs: Jack and RCA , Automatic Dynamic Processing, Soft Knee“ Compression
151,40 €


Dbx 286 s

DBX 286 S - single channel mic pre-amp/processor with 48V phantom power, de-esser, enhancer, compressor and expander-gate. Dimensioni: 19" x 1U.
159,70 €


Dbx 166 xs

DBX 166 XS compressor/gate/limiter, with adjustable attack and release time, great sounding dynamics control for any type of programme material, XLR...
159,70 €


Rolls cl 151

ROLLS CL 151, Gate/Compressor/Limiter, Inputs XLR (Mic) /Jack(Line), Phantompower (+12 V), Soft-Knee Compression and Noiser eduction,Sidechain
165,80 €


The t.Racks ds 2/4

The t.racks DSP 2/4 - digital altoparlante management system, 2x input, 4x output (2x2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 2-way sub), 3x24bit DSP, frequency range...
205,00 €


Fmr Audio Rnc 1773

FMR Audio RNC 1773, compressore veramente bello, compressore con suono piacevole a 2 canali , (stereo o mono), risposta in frequenza: 10 - 100khz...
583,00 €


Bbe Maxcom Kompressor

BBE Maxcom compressor, 2-channel with Sonic Maximizer, bal. and unbal. i/os, dual bar-graph meters for each channel to indicate Input Level and Gain...
228,70 €


Fmr Audio Rnla 7239

FMR Audio RNLA 7239 'Really Nice Levelling Amplifier' - 2 channel compressor (stereo/mono) with a character that works well with vocals, bass guitar,...
266,80 €


The t.Racks Achat Dsp 24

the t.racks Achat DSP 24, Digital Speaker Management System, 2 In 4 Out 24 Bit DSP's, Frequency range 20 - 20.000 Hz, USB and RS 485 S Ports, XLR...
308,00 €


Joemeek mc2

JoeMeek MC2 - 1-channel compressor with input gain, threshold, ratio, attack, release, makeup gain, hold, stereo larghezza, level LED. Dimensioni:...
293,60 €


Tascam Ta-1vp

Tascam TA-1VP Vocal Processor (powered by Antares), Auto-tune real-time pitch correction, Microphone modelling, Analogue tube modelling, Variable...
399,60 €


Fmr Audio Pbc-6a

FMR Audio PBC-6A Mono Compressor - 'Silk' and 'Thick' modes, balanced XLR I/O , sidechain input, hi-pass filter, feedback drive, variable knee,...
411,00 €


Art Pro Vla ii

ART Pro VLA II, tube driven Vactrolฎ-based Compressor / Leveling amplifier, Soft Knee Leveling, Enhanced Link Mod, Variable Threshold, Ratio & Output...
423,30 €


Klark Teknik Square One Dynamic

Klark Teknik Square One Dynamic - dynamics processor with eight individually configurable channels, compressor (RMS sensing), "Vintage" compressor...
514,00 €


Dbx 160A

DBX 160A compressore mono, 19" rack, 1U, l’utente pu๒ selezionare la classica curva di intervento morbida OverEasy oltre che a quella ripida...
512,90 €


Drawmer mx 30

DRAWMER MX 30, Gate/Compressor/Limiter 19", 1HE, 2 channel, bal. +4dB XLR, unbal. -10dB 1/4"Jack.
448,10 €


Drawmer mx 50

DRAWMER MX 50, 2 chanal analog-Deesser, manual use bye frequency and De-ess-faktor, Air-switch for brilliance Full-Band-De-essing or Split-De-essing,...
514,00 €


Dbx 1066

dbx 1066 – 2-channel compressor/gate/limiter with true stereo or dual mono operation, switchable +4dBu or -10dBV operation per channel, PeakStopPlus...
512,90 €