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Controllo feedback


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Behringer Shark Fbq100

Behringer Shark FBQ100 High performance single channel Feedback Destroyer with integrated microphone preamp, delay line, noise gate and compressor,...
107,10 €


Behringer Fbq1000

Behringer FBQ1000 Feedback Destroyer, up to 12 frequencies per channel, 2 x 12 fully programmable parametric filters, Single-shot mode, Bandwidth and...
159,70 €


Behringer Fbq 2496 Feedbackdes

Controllo Feedback Behringer DSP2496 Feedback Destroyer - programmable feedback destroyer/parametric EQ with 24 independent filters, 24bit converters with 96kHz sample...
211,20 €


Behringer Deq2496 Ultra-curve pro

Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra Pro Curve - è un processore audio digitale di alta qualità, su base DPS, con convertitori A/D e D/A da 24bit/96kHz integrati,...
297,70 €


Bosch Plena Feedback Controller

Bosch Plena Feedback Controller, Automatically controls the pre set levels,2 Balanced XLR Inputs with Phantom power, 1 U 19" rack mountable,...
602,60 €


Sabine Fbx 1200

Controllo Feedback SABINE FBX 1200, Feedbackkiller, 1x 12 dsp filter, 24 bit AD-DA, xlr and jack in-out, 1 HE
667,40 €


Sabine Fbx 2410

Controllo Feedback SABINE FBX 2410, industry standard feedback destroyer, new generation with better dynamic and faster response, new patended SMARTfilter technology,...
823,00 €