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Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Control cd

Native Instruments TRAKTOR Scratch Control CD (Pair), 2x control signal CD per the Traktor Scratch DJ-System (accessory)
11,10 €


Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Cont. Vinyl s

Native Instruments TRAKTOR Scratch Control Vinyl Nero, Control signal record per the Traktor Scratch DJ-System (accessory)
22,40 €


Rane Serato Piatto Vinile blu

RANE Serato Scratch Vinylplatte BLUE, 125g note: necessary to send a Midi Timecode Signal and fuctions like, Pitch Shifting, cueing, to the RANE...
27,40 €


Native Instruments Traktor Multicore Sostituzione cavo

Native Instruments TRAKTOR Scratch Multicore Replacement Cable (single), Accessory for the Traktor Scratch DJ-System, 4 x male RCA connectors 2 x...
33,80 €


Novation Dicer

NOVATION Dicer, USB Cue Point and Looping Controller, Developed with Serato, Performance buttons with visual feedback, Locks straight onto Technics...
95,50 €


Arturia Beatstep

Arturia Beatstep, USB MIDI Pad-Controller, 16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads, 16 encoders, 16 MIDI Controller presets, 16 Sequence presets,...
113,90 €


Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol x1

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Traktor Kontrol X1, USB Buspowered DJ Controller, Plug and play - instant recognition by TRAKTOR, Precision designed high-end...


Akai AFX

Akai Pro AFX FX and Audio Controller, Provides extensive hands-on audio command of Serato DJ, Tweak effects, manage loops, trigger samples, set cue...
186,40 €


Rane Serato Video

Rane Serato Video, Add video clips to your Scratch Live or ITCH performance, View loaded clips and output from your computer, Manipulate playback...
123,60 €


Behringer CMD Studio 4a

Behringer CMD Studio 4a, 4 deck DJ controller with built-in USB 24-bit low-latency audio interface for Mac and PC, 6 "touch-sensitive jog wheel,...
194,70 €


Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1 MkII

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1 MKII, USB DJ controller, coloured touchsensitive RGB Click Buttons: 30 Buttons, 4 Push-Buttons and 8 Rotary...
194,70 €


Native Strumentos Traktor Kontrol Z1 Lightning

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z1 Lightning, 2-Channel DJ-Mixer with build-in 24-Bit/96 kHz Audiointerface for iOS-Units and PC/MAC, 2 Line-Fader...
190,60 €


Akai AMX

Akai AMX 2 Channel Mixing Desk for Serato, Provides extensive hands-on mixing, transport, and Serato NoiseMap capbility for Serato DJ, Plug and play...
259,60 €


Allen & Heath Xone K2

Allen & Heath Xone K2, universal MIDI controller, Can run all types of midi Software, 52 physical controllers, 12 rotary controls 6 endless push...
246,20 €


Keith Mcmillen 12 step

Keith McMillen 12 Step, Chromatic Keyboard USB Foot Controller, Play up to 5 notes per key, Pols Aftertouch and Pitch Bend, Velocity sensitive touch...
285,30 €


Keith McMillen SoftStep 2

Keith McMillen SoftStep 2, USB Foot Controller, 10 pressure-and-direction sensitive keys plus a Nav Pad, up to 6 Note, CC, Pitch Bend, Program, MMC...
112,30 €


Numark N4

Descrizione non ancora disponibile. Per informazioni dettagliate sul prodotto, si prega di contattare l'assistenza all'indirizzo...
452,30 €


Denon MC6000 MK II

Denon MC6000 MK II Controller/Mixer - slim tabletop design for various DJ applications and portability, optimized for Traktor and Virtual DJ users....
643,80 €


Rane Sl4 Serato Scratch live

Rane Serato Scratch Live SL4, including Serato Scratch Live,, The Rane SL 4 connects four turntables or four CD player to your computer and the mixer...
926,00 €


Pioneer DDJ SX2

Pioneer DDJ SX DJ2 Controller, Mixing with Serato, Dual Deck, Slip Mode, FX Mode, Multi FX Mode, Record Start and Slot Buttons for Serato Flip...
1.029,00 €


Native Strumentos Traktor Kontrol S8

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8, 4-Deck DJ Controller with integrated Audiointerface and Traktor Scratch Pro 2 Software, 30 touch sensitive...
1.184,50 €