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Mini amplificatore per cuffie behringer ha 400

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Vox Amplug lead

Vox Amplug Lead, compact headphone amp for High Gain Boutique Amp Sound incl. Digital Delay, intergrated 6.3mm jack for direct connection to an...
33,60 €


Violectric Hpa V90 Kopfhörerverstärker

Violectric HPA V90, stereo headphoneamp with unbal. inputs, goldplate cinch inputs, activ audio thru, pregain: adjustable with 5 steps, NF...
415,00 €


Violectric Hpa V181 Kopfhörerverstärker

Violectric HPA V181, stereo headphoneamp with bal. and unbal. inputs and bal. output !, additional 4pin XLR connector for bal. headphones, cinch and...
788,00 €


Violectric Hpa V100 Kopfhörerverstärker

Violectric HPA V100, stereo headphoneamp with bal. and unbal. inputs, cinch and XLR inputs, dc coupled amplifier, pregain: adjustable with 5 steps,...
585,00 €


Violectric Hpa 200 Kopfhörerverstärker

Violectric HPA V200, stereo headphoneamp with USB (48khz/16bit) and bal. and unbal. inputs, cinch and XLR inputs, dc coupled amplifier, pregain:...
829,00 €


Tascam mh-8

TASCAM MH-8, headphones amplifier, 8 channels, 2 stereo inputs assignable to each headphones channel (input 1: balanced XLR/TRS, input 2: balanced...
389,00 €


Superlux ha3d

SUPERLUX HA3D,Headphone Amp, compact headphone amp with 3 headphone outputs 1/4", XLR left/right input, jack Loop out, Stereo/Loop in (jack and...
89,00 €


SPL Phonitor Mini

SPL Phonitor Mini, Headphoneamp / Monitor-Controller, 120-Volt Technology, Input-Switch XLR / RCA, Headpone ourput impedance: 0.18 Ohmy,...
599,00 €


SPL Phonitor 2 Silver

SPL Phonitor 2 Silver, Preamp / Monitor-Controller, switchable Level adjust (Conusmer- to Professional Level 1:1, +6dB, +12dB), Line- and...
1.444,00 €


SPL Phonitor 2

SPL Phonitor 2, Preamp / Monitor-Controller, switchable Level adjust (Conusmer- to Professional Level 1:1, +6dB, +12dB), Line- and Headphone-Preamp...
1.499,00 €


Spl 2control Black

SPL 2Control - altoparlante & headphone monitoring controller, all-analogue. Allows for connection and selection of two stereo input sources, two...
555,00 €


Sonifex Redbox Rb-hd6

Sonifex Redbox RB-HD6 - headphone amplifier with XLR inputs and 6x separate outputs.
568,00 €


Sonifex Redbox Rb-hd2

Sonifex Redbox RB-HD2, headphoneamplifier, sing XLR stereo and XLR mono input, two outputs,
375,00 €


Sonifex Redbox Rb-hd1

Sonifex Redbox RB-HD1, headphoneamplifier, XLR stereo and XLR mono input for adjustable "talkover", VCA-controlled, remote for levelcontrol, two...
385,00 €


Sonifex Redbox Rb-dhd6

Sonifex Redbox RB-DHD6, headphone distributionamp with digital inputs AES/EBU or S/PDIF, outputdrivers with 150mW into 32-600 Ohm, 6 individual...
839,00 €


sm Pro Audio Q-amp

SM PRO AUDIO Q-Amp, 4 Channel Headphone Amp, 2 Stereo TRS inputs, 4 headphone amplifiers, Volume control per channel, Selector switch for each output...
79,00 €


sm Pro Audio hp6e

SM Pro Audio HP63 - 6 Channel Headphone amp, 10 TRS inputs, 5 stereo channels, Mix control for each amplifier output, 6 class A headphone amplifiers,...
148,00 €


sm Pro Audio Hp12e

SM Pro Audio HP6E, 12-channel headphones amp, 6 x class A Headphone Amplifiers, 12 x 1/4" TRS Headphone Outputs, L/R Balanced XLR Inputs, L/R...
118,00 €


Samson S-phone Preamplificatore Per Cuffie

Samson S-Phone - amplificatore per cuffie a quattro canali molto versatile, costruito con caratteristiche avanzate che forniscono grande...
134,00 €


Samson S-amp Amplificatore Per Cuffie

Samson S-amp, amplificatore per cuffie 4 canali, 4 uscite cuffie stereo 1/4", controllo volume su ogni uscita, entrata stereo 1/4", incluso...
49,00 €


Samson C-que8 Preamplificatore Per Cuffie

SAMSON C-QUE8 Preamplificaare per cuffie 4 canali, 2 ingressi Jack 1/4" bilanciati, Link output 2 Jack 1/4" bilanciati, risposta in...
94,00 €


Rolls Ra-62c

ROLLS RA-62c, 6 channel Headphone amp for professionale Monitoring in Studios and Live, 6x jack input (Insert), XLR L/R Input, jack- and RCA inputs,...
262,00 €


Rolls Ra-53b

ROLLS RA-53b, 5 channel headphone amp for professionale Monitoring in Studios and Live, 3 jack inputs (Insert), XLR L/R Input, jack- and RCA inputs,...
181,00 €


Rolls ps 16

ROLLS PS 16, Personal Monitor Centre, PS-16 divides 4 signals for the PM-50, PM-50 OB or PM-351, Input XLR + 6,3-mm Jack , Trafo Balanced...
120,00 €


Rolls pm 52

ROLLS PM 52, Headphone Tap, Converts altoparlante signal into Monitor signal, Mono/Stereo Mode, 6,3 mm JAck in/outputs
66,00 €