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Violet Design The Flamingo Standard

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Modello: 254033
Produttore: Violet Design

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Violet Design The Flamingo Standard è uno dei 519 articoli della categoria   Microfoni Diaframma Largo ,
prodotto da Violet Design che è presente nel nostro catalogo con i suoi 44 strumenti musicali.

Specifiche tecniche:

VIOLET DESIGN The FLAMINGO STANDARD, Studio large diaphragm Tube Microphone - Cardioid (VD67 capsule), true electrostatic, capsule uses highest quality Mylar film diaphragms, sputtered with special formula of gold mixture, and tensioned on precisely made brass back-plate, Diaphragm special coating provides faster transient impulse response, minimum sound coloration, better low frequency response, and lets capsule to handle louder sound pressure levels. Each capsule is carefully checked for all parameters and measured in an anechoic chamber for optimum of performance, large head grille is made as acoustic filter of multi-layer brass mesh that reduces plosive sounds, breath, pop and wind noise, minimises internal resonance, and keeps high frequencies and sound transparency unaffected, Transducer type: electrostatic, Operating principle: pressure gradient, Diaphragm's active diameter: 1"/26 mm, Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, Polar pattern: Cardioid, Output impedance: 100 ohms, Rated load impedance: 1000 ohms, Suggested load impedance: >> 250 ohms, Sensitivity at 1000 Hz into 1000 ohms load: 26 mV/PA, S/N Ratio CCIR 468-3 weighted: 76 dB, S/N Ratio DIN/IEC 651 A-weighted: 87 dB-A, Equivalent noise level DIN/IEC A-weighted: 7 dB-A, Maximum SPL for 0.5% THD at 1000 ohm load: 134 dB, Dynamic range of the internal preamplifier: 127 dB, Phantom powering voltage on pins #2 & #3 of XLR: +48 V (+/-4 V), Current consumption: P.v.: 5.00


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