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Dave Hill Designs Europa 1

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DISPONIBILITA' 2-3 settimane
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Modello: 264961
Produttore: Dave Hill Designs

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Dave Hill Designs Europa 1 è uno dei 417 articoli della categoria   Preamplificatori per Studi di registrazione ,
prodotto da Dave Hill Designs che è presente nel nostro catalogo con i suoi 2 strumenti musicali.

Specifiche tecniche:

Dave Hill Designs Europa 1, 1 channel Class-A Mic-/Line Pre-Amp, Phantompower, Phase Switch, Impedance selector (Hi-Z, MID und Low), Input selector (Mic or Instrument), 2 digit LED Display (DB Gain), Gain Knob, Low Cut, Levelmeter has a 0 VU reference point of (+4dbu) with one db steps going to +20 db above 0VU and to -25 db below 0 VU with the steps being larger than 1 db below -16 db. Unique to the Europa pre-amp are 3 controls for changing the color of the pre-amp. The first control is a SPEED which changes how fast the pre-amp can respond. The control goes from 0 to 8 with 8 being the fastest rate, and 0 being very drastic. The even harmonic control provides 9 levels of color from 0 to 8, and the odd harmonic control which also has 9 levels color with the 0 setting being the cleanest in both cases. These three controls are a series analog process so that the even harmonic control affects the sound of the speed control and the odd harmonic control affects the sound of both the speed and even harmonic controls, All the controls; gain, speed, even harmonic, the odd harmonic controls are stepped which makes it easy to recall settings. Dimensioni: 19" 1U P.v.: 6.25


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