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Osram Kreios G1 Gel Gobo Holder

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Modello: 316125
Produttore: Osram

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Osram Kreios G1 Gel Gobo Holder è uno dei 146 articoli della categoria   Illuminazione e addobbi per interni ,
prodotto da Osram che è presente nel nostro catalogo con i suoi 107 strumenti musicali.

Specifiche tecniche:

Osram Kreios G1 bianco, Kreios G1 bianco LED Gobo Projector. Using standard or self-made gobos it projects brand names, logos and other messages with high brightness and excellent sharpness on walls, floors and objects. The motif can be replaced simply and quickly. Using the powerful LED light source and an optimized optical system achieves the KREIOS G1 has a clearly contoured and uniform illumination over the entire surface of the image. Compared to conventional gobo energy efficiency is increased by up to two thirds: the LED light source can replace a conventional 75-watt halogen bulb, but uses only 24 W. In addition, they also very durable and makes the KREIOS G1 thus a reliable solution for continuous professional use. Thanks to its low heat dissipation allows the KREIOS G1, the use of home-made gobos film that are manufactured quickly and inexpensively. For continuous professional use are however commercially available glass or metal. This impressively long life and high quality, but in the acquisition of higher costs. Weight: 1.5 kg Dimensioni: 265 x 80 x 70 mm, included: 1 KREIOS G1 LED projector, 1 mounting plate, 2 Gobohalterungen, 1 plugless power cavo, 2 sample gobos, P.v.: 0.58


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