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Peter Hess phKS9Him-G

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Modello: 317833
Produttore: Peter Hess

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Peter Hess phKS9Him-G è uno dei articoli della categoria   Coppe Tibetane ,
prodotto da Peter Hess che è presente nel nostro catalogo con i suoi 105 strumenti musicali.

Specifiche tecniche:

Peter Hess phKS9Him-G, HIMALAYA Joint-/Universal Singing Bowl, The joint bowl, also called universal bowl, weighs about 900-1000 grams and is thin-walled. This bowl has a diameter of around 21-22cm and a height of aournd 8 cm.It provides a broad range of sounds, to serve the whole body and features intense vibrations. It is especially suited for hand and feet reflex zone massage as well as to be used on joints. Tough blockades or tensions kann be released through its intensive vibrations., If these singing bowls are used with different mallets its sound will vary as well. This way the bowl can be used universally on the whole body and is therefore called universal singing bowl. It is ideal for starting out your work with singing bowls.This bowl is made out of 12 metals. P.v.: 0.98


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