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Stairville DMX Invader 2420 MK2

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Modello: 323499
Produttore: Stairville

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Stairville DMX Invader 2420 MK2 è uno dei 175 articoli della categoria   Controllers Luci Dmx ,
prodotto da Stairville che è presente nel nostro catalogo con i suoi 1196 strumenti musicali.

Specifiche tecniche:

Stairville DMX Invader 2420 MK2 . The new edition of the DMX Invader 2420 with master fader. The DMX Invader 2420, MKII is equipped with many new features and software improvements, and is a contemporary control for DMX fixtures such, as Moving Heads, LED fixtures with RGBA / RGBW color mixing, and more. Backup of the light show or firmware, updates can be performed easily via the USB port with an appropriate medium for the MK2 version . Updates to the, software are inter alia Phase shift at motion effects, and RGBW color mixing with or RGBA LED fixtures. Specifications :, Up to 20 fixtures / devices with up to 24 channels each . 20 presets can be programmed with 10 colors and 10 gobos,, 1200 scenes (60 banks of 20 scenes) and 20 Chaser / running lights . But it is also an " effects generator " with 10 pre-, programmed movement patterns are available ( adjustable PAN / TIL position, range, " fade " time, " Wait" time and, loop ) to even beginners to allow quick programming of complex shows. Up to 50 user -defined device types can be, created and stored in a "Device Library " . The clearly structured arrangement of the 24 faders + Master fader, 20 function keys, 4 encoder and the LCD display, the console is very clear, so can the controller use very simple and intuitive, and the editing and program a light show is a breeze, properties . :, 2x 3 - pin DMX outputs, 484 DMX channels (including channel 481 for DMX fog machine and the channels 483-484 for a DMX strobe ), 10 pre-programmed movements, 20 programmable chases ( scenes per chase, 200 ), 1200 programmable scenes (60 banks x 20 scenes), 20 presets, each with 10 colors and 10 gobos, 20 fixtures, each with up to 24 channels can be defined, 24 faders to control the DMX channels of each device 24, 20 cues ( combined to the Chase a show ), 20 overlayer / overwrite functions to change channels in a running show, 20 center positions ( for each fixture, a separate zero point are defined ), password protection possible standard MIDI interface, USB connettore for gooseneck lamp ( lamp included ) control of DMX and analog strobe possible. Connection for USB desk lamp, extra USB Anschlss on the back for backup or firmware updates. Power supply: 230V 50Hz Size: 483 (19 ") x 264 ( 6U ) x 100mm, weight : 5.3 kg P.v.: 7.90


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