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AFMG Technologies GmbH SysTune Pro

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Produttore: AFMG Technologies GmbH

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AFMG Technologies GmbH SysTune Pro è uno dei articoli della categoria   Nuovi Arrivi strumenti musicali ,
prodotto da AFMG Technologies GmbH che è presente nel nostro catalogo con i suoi strumenti musicali.

Specifiche tecniche:

AFMG SysTune Pro SysTune is the proven real-time audio analysis software by AFMG. It was developed especially for live sound applications and for years has been setting the standard for professional real-time measurement and display of impulse responses, transfer functions and other data. Today, SysTune is widely accepted not only in pro-audio live sound but also by installed sound professionals as well as in the industry., AFMG has invested a great amount of time and effort into research and development of new approaches to audio analysis and highest-class algorithms, with the result of several patents pending for SysTune alone. Since SysTune performs these calculations with any measurement signal, even live audio, sophisticated data becomes available for situations which have been limited to investigation before: rooms with live shows and present audiences., Due to its eight channels, SysTune additionally can perform multiple simultaneous measurements for example at different locations, providing high-quality data in abundance., The extended features of SysTune Pro are of interest for laboratory measurements, in loudspeaker development, building acoustics and installed sound. Also, professionals working with large setups with more than eight channels or with advanced expectations to e.g. normalization, offline analysis and EQ simulation will want to take advantage of SysTune Pro. P.v.: 0.51


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