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c.a. Seydel Söhne Cromatica de Luxe Blues f

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Modello: 224482
Produttore: C.A. Seydel Sohne

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c.a. Seydel Söhne Cromatica de Luxe Blues f è uno dei 123 articoli della categoria   Armoniche a Bocca Cromatica ,
prodotto da C.A. Seydel Sohne che è presente nel nostro catalogo con i suoi 294 strumenti musicali.

Specifiche tecniche:

C.A. Seydel Söhne Chromatic de Luxe Blues (Richter), tuning: F, 12 holes, 48 reeds, fully valved, mouthpiece chrome plated, body: wood, covers chrome, reedplates: 1,0 mm, every harp player starts to leer at the Chromatic sooner or later during his career, and after the first attempts he realizes, that this is a completely different instrument, bending doesn't work anymore and the painful learned blow and draw procedures don't work on the Chromatic anymore, to avoid a complete new start this compromise here is available: A Chromatic harmonica in Richter tuning, from this layout are many layouts imaginable, we have decided to take this one, because we are convinced, that the tonal construction should be the same as on a classic 10-hole harp: Channel 1 is the basic note, but you normally play in the second position (root 2 draw), incl. microfibre cleaning cloth P.v.: 0.32


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