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Adams Revolution 23" Vetroresina fs

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DISPONIBILITA' 2-3 settimane
DISPONIBILITA' 2-3 settimane
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Modello: 213933
Produttore: Adams

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Adams Revolution 23" Vetroresina fs è uno dei 117 articoli della categoria   Timpani da Orchestra ,
prodotto da Adams che è presente nel nostro catalogo con i suoi 528 strumenti musicali.

Specifiche tecniche:

ADAMS 23" Revolution universal fibreglass timpani with fine tuner.The new wide range hand (fine)tuner allows to play over 1 octave per timpani. with the pedal being fitted. Without the pedal attached the range of the wide range hand (fine)tuner will be 9 halve tones. Adams have developed a system that automatically spreads the tension of the head over all of the tuning screws. This means your timpani head is always equally in balance giving you a perfect and even tone. Now replacing or tuning a timpani head couldn't be simpler! The new height adjustable system allows you to adjust your timpani height (the complete new balance system included) from 80 to 90 cm. Ideal for younger musicians. These new Un- coupling and frame folding system make the Adams REVOLUTION timpani very easy to transport. With one simple click you take off the kettle. As each timpani is fitted with a fine-tuner as standard, it is also possible to play the timpani without the pedal mechanism. Ideal for Baroque music when calf heads are fitted. After placing the kettle back on the frame again, it is locked by pushing the pedal down and you can play with the pedal again. The complete frame of the Adams Revolution timpani folds together making this timpani even easier to transport. An integrated handle makes this folded frame very easy to carry by hand. P.v.: 41.90


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